Life Lately (22/31)

I’ve somehow fallen out of my morning routine. It’s been over half the month and I’ve gotten a little behind on posts. I don’t think I have fewer ideas in my head, I think I just procrastinated, didn’t write during the morning and then lost them.

I moved just over a month ago and I’m not fully adjusted to my new place. I signed up for a new gym and I changed up my morning routine (added writing and some other things) and I haven’t gotten completely on a schedule. I find myself snoozing a LOT lately. Mostly because I can’t seem to fall asleep at night and am up WAY past my bedtime.

I’m hoping to get back on track this week – I feel so much better with a structured morning routine! I really do believe people need that to be their happiest and healthiest selves.
Besides the moving and stuff I’ve done recently, there has been a LOT going on.

For one, I’m starting a new business with Arbonne International. They are a 33 year-old health and wellness company that produces organic, allergen-free and botanically based products. I have been using their products for a few months and really enjoy them. Mostly I’m excited about the opportunities that running my own business create. I have a plan to open that coffee shop in a few years and Arbonne is my vehicle to get there!

I’m also doing something else pretty big in the next month.

My very first Purpose Project with MochaClub.

I will be raising $1000 to provide healthcare and HIV/AIDS care to 25 women for an entire year.
Isn’t that crazy?? $1000 will pay for all of that for a YEAR. I did the math on what I pay for healthcare insurance and $1000 doesn’t cover a year. I’m so happy to be raising money for women that don’t really have any other options. Once I raise the money, I’m doing a couple sort of BIG things:

1.       I’m eliminating 1/3 of my clothes. I’m going to be hosting a local boutique-esque sale at my apartment to sell off the 1/3 of the wardrobe I’m eliminating.

2.       I’m going on a mission trip. With the funds I raise from the boutique sale, I’m going to go on my very first mission trip to El Salvador with my church and Enlace. I’m SUPER EXCITED about traveling outside the country and partnering with such an awesome organization. Spanish lessons started this week!

I can’t wait to share more about these adventures with you in the next couple of weeks!

As for my personal life?

Things are really good.

I’ve gotten a lot of emails and texts checking in to make sure I was okay. I apologize, readers- I didn’t mean to get all kinds of Debbie Downer in my last few posts- just wanted to share some things on my mind. Life isn’t always super happy, you know? Sometimes it’s sad and sometimes it’s work and sometimes those sad, hard times result in something better. A relationship better defined and stronger than before. T and I have been working through some big things together and recently I feel like we’ve turned a corner. I’m happy to say that things are looking up for this little love story of ours. I appreciate all your thoughts, concerns, prayers and listening ears as we continue to navigate this new path we are on. The whole point is we are on it TOGETHER and that makes both of us pretty happy.

I haven’t done a Sunday 7 in a LOOOOONG time, so here are 7 things I’ve been into lately:

1.       Cooking. I made some ratatouille last night from the random assortment of CSA veggies I had in my fridge. It turned out to be pretty tasty! I’m happy to have time to be back in the kitchen messing around. Recipe coming soon!

2.       Fall. For real, Iowa, autumn looks GOOD on you. I love the crispy weather we’ve been having and I hope it stays a little longer. We had snow in the forecast this last week (noooooo!) and I’m hoping it holds off at least until Thanksgiving?

The most perfect fall tree. No filter necessary. 

3.       Yoga. I went back to my yoga studio last week and it felt really good to streeeeetch. I didn’t realize how much I needed that studio time. My good friends are back in the states from Mexico and will be teaching at various studios soon and I can’t wait!
4.       Running. This last weekend I PR’d my second marathon and I’m utterly and completely hooked. I’m already planning to run a spring marathon next year AND maybe a fall marathon. Gotta break 4 hours! #runjunkie
5.       Home. I’ve been feeling a real pull towards home lately. Just wanting to create a comfortable space and just dwell in it. I don’t consider myself too much of an introvert but lately, all I want to do is sip a hot drink, write and read things in this most comfy of new chairs.

So glad we decided the footstool was necessary. 

6.       Scarves. They’re back! I love this time of year. Layers and boots and scarves with every outfit. I can’t get enough.

Scarf courtesy of Olive Mountain Designs- get yourself one!

7.       Coffee. I have picked back up my coffee habit with a VENGEANCE. Seriously. I need to check the budget on that it’s getting ridiculous. Maybe that explains why I can’t sleep at night? HA.

So many things happening in my world. Change is here folks. I can feel my life shifting and some things falling into place and I’m pretty darn excited about it. Thanks for coming here every once in a while to read my ramblings and share in my ups and downs. This place has truly become a great place of reflection for me and I’m so glad I have people to share it with.

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Be well friends!

P.S. I wrote this post on Tuesday- the 22nd…I obviously didn’t get back on track with a routine. 31 day of writing is harder than I thought. I guess my failure to get a post in everyday is a testament to how much of a commitment this series is!