Moving (6/31)

It is now 1 AM (Sunday night/Monday AM) and I’m just getting my writing in.

It’s incredible how you can have a day so perfectly planned in your mind and then things go completely awry.

I had planned to be up around 7ish to get a second coat of paint on 2 walls and get the dog walked before church.I woke up about 9:30- no time for painting or to make it to church.

I decided I’d still work on some painting and then meet my cousin for late lunch around 3 before volunteering at 4.I got a headache followed by a stomach ache (signs of a migraine for me) and decided to finish the one color I started and lay down for a bit. My cousin texted to reschedule lunch so I laid down to rest hoping my head and tummy would feel better. I woke up around 6:30 PM. Completely missing my volunteer shift and not getting any painting done.

I decided to get up then and finish the 2nd coat and trim painting of 3 walls so I could finally unpack the living room. My new goal set to be done around 8 to eat some dinner and then relax with a movie. I got done around 9:30, ate dinner and then unpacked and organized while watching the movie.

I guess I did get everything done I wanted to but I sure didn’t want to be up until 1:30 AM getting it done.

I moved recently, to a small 1 bedroom apartment with a cottage-like feel. There is one not big enough closet, no laundry, no garbage disposal and no dishwasher. Half of the light switches don’t turn on anything and I’ve been in camper bathrooms that are bigger. But it’s cheap. And there is a yard for Roxy and the landlord said I could paint.

Moving is always an adventure. I usually always end up losing something, sometimes on purpose and sometimes accidentally. This time, I found an earring I’ve been missing for over a year. I couldn’t stand to part with the match because they were my favorite. It made my day yesterday to stumble across the match. I found it in the jewelry box of all places. How I managed to overlook it for an entire year, I have no idea.

Unpacking the living room today I realized how many books I really do have. I thought I got rid of some? I also have more pictures and knick-knacks than I recall packing. I’ve only kept items of personal significance or gifts- slowly giving away or selling the things I don’t have use or space for anymore.

My goal is to someday whittle down my belongings to just enough to fill a small trailer. I like the idea of being able to pack up everything I own and just take off somewhere. Currently, I have too much to do that: boxes of Christmas decorations, tubs of childhood memories and books and enough clothes to fill a small car.

I float between wanting to settle down somewhere and being nomadic. I like the idea of planting and making roots somewhere. Moving somewhere and staying there for years, falling into a comfortable existence. However, my life has yet to turn out that way. Being a wanderer has its perks too- seeing places, meeting new and different people and enjoying spontaneity.

I’ve lived in Des Moines all my life. I didn’t go away to college, instead choosing to stay here and work my way through school. Even within Des Moines, I haven’t strayed far. I grew up on the east side, have lived downtown, on the north side, Beaverdale (northwest side) and now downtown again.

I know this town like the back of my own hand. 
I know its streets and neighborhoods. 
I know its restaurants and coffee shops. 
I know its people.

I wonder what it would be like to move somewhere completely different. Step into a place that is completely foreign. How long does it to take to learn a city? To come to know it as well as you know yourself?

I don’t know that I’ll ever leave Des Moines. 

This city is my home.