Runner Grrrrl

Since the marathon, I've not had much of a run plan.

I've been saying I want to get up to 30 miles a week but I haven't really been tracking that much or sticking to a regular schedule.
I've been doing 2-3 short runs a week and then a longer run on the weekend.
I tried to run everyday from Halloween until New Years and I did - only missed a couple of days when I was sick.
My average after the marathon has been right around 17 miles per week.

Recently it's gotten ridiculously cold.
Like...you can't be outside walking the dog for more than 10 minutes let alone run.
BUT- that's not an excuse.
So I've been on the 'mill and trying to do some speed work as well.
Honestly though, just sort of having a little winter blues. Missing being outside and running in fresh air.
So I'm setting a plan to get myself back on track!!

I am running a 5 mile race in February- YMCA Red Flannel Run.
And in May....The Flying Pig Half Marathon with Kimberly!!

So time to get my rear in gear!!

I read this article last week and I thought it gave a great, simple training plan...plus it puts me at 26 miles per week!
Also, I have a Garmin and it has some pretty sweet online training plans- gives you speed work, fartleks, hills and long runs. I need to practice them ALL for the half marathon. My goal is sub 2:00.
For me, if I don't have a plan in place- it ain't gonna happen.

Here is a little taste of what the plan looks like:

The easy runs are 30-45 minutes (so 3-5 miles for me), long runs are just time based: 60-120 minutes. It figures out intervals for me based on time- I chose the speed.
In the past, I've always used training plans from Runner's World, but I'm trying something a little different this time. I'm working more on speed and other kinds of drills to get faster!

Another thing...I quit my gym.
Not that I'm not lifting weights anymore, but I'm not driving 25 minutes each way at 5 AM to get a workout in. Between 2 jobs and keeping a running schedule, it became more of a hassle than it's worth. PLUS, there is a free gym in my condo building. It's all about using the time I got when I got it, right?

I'll still lift here on my easy run days and some rest days to equal up to 3 to 4 times a week. And I've been doing yoga once a week on Mondays with a friend.

New goal by 30th birthday: unassisted handstand!

What are your fitness goals for this year? Do you run? How do you think you get faster? (Teri's suggestions really inspired me)

***Special shout out to Dannette- she dubbed me 'Runner Grrrrl' long ago and I have her to thank for that. And for always sharing her big Jesus-loving heart with me day after day.***