Life List

I read about Life Lists on this blog.
It got me thinking about what I want to accomplish before I die.
And you know how I love lists....

So, here are some things I want to do before I go that make me feel:

happy-satisfied-content-strong- happy-full of life and love-creative-meaningful-caring-surprised-excited-confident-peaceful

This list is by no means complete or set in stone. 
As I grow and change, I suspect that somethings on this list will become unnecessary. And new things will take it's place. 
I'll keep you updated on the progress.

1. Start a blog   Done 5/17/2011
2. Ride a horse on a beach
3. Visit a cranberry bog
4. Pet a polar bear
5. Finish an Ironman
6. Run a marathon Done 10/7/2012
7. Speak one foreign language fluently
8. Backpack across Europe
9. Tour the entire Louvre
10. Visit the Smithsonian
11. Swim in every ocean
12. Learn to SCUBA
13. Visit Brazil
14. Learn to surf
15. Go rock climbing
16. Take a pottery class
17. Have a Summer Solstice party
18. Learn to play the drums and/or guitar
19. Perform in front of an audience
20. Watch the birth of something/someone
21. Start a blog/column reviewing food
22. Have a vegetable garden and eat only produce from it for one year
23. Pass down the Horse to my ancestors
24. Write my memoir
25. Write a novel  Done 11/30/2012
26. Grow my hair really long then cut it off for Locks of Love Done 05/2014
27. Read through the '1001 books you should read before you die'
28. Have sushi in Japan
29. Have Dim Sum in China
30. Visit an ashram in India
31. Become a yogi
32. Get a PhD in literature
33. Get an MBA
34. Open NicNac
35. Get married
36. Celebrate a 20th Anniversary
37. Be a parent
38. Adopt a pet
39. Help my grandma scrapbook and document all her pictures
40. Host a black tie dinner party
41. Visit all 50 states
42. Bike down a volcano
43. Live in a different state
44. Ride in a hot air balloon
45. Ride RAGBRAI
46. Tithe 10% for a year
47. Live debt free
48. Taste 1000 fruits
49. Attend 100 concerts
50. Attend Bonaroo
51. Meet the President
52. Knit a sweater
53. Eat that pizza in Italy in Eat, Pray, Love
54. Be vegetarian for 6 months Started 9/4/11
55. Own and drive a hybrid car
56. Live in an urban area (downtown loft!!) May 2012
57. Attend a NFL game Broncos vs Chargers 10/9/11
58. Visit the Brenner trail in Europe
59. Swim with Dolphins
60. Go on a missions trip Done 02/2014
62. Publish a book of photos
63. Take a year of ME