Five Minute Friday: Again

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Today's word: AGAIN

Start again.
Begin again.
Do it again.
my life has been a series of 'agains'. How many times have I started something only to stop and start it again? How many times have I been in circumstances I didn't like, only to escape and reinvent myself again? 
Even now, as my life is in a good place and I'm finally starting to figure out who I am- I still start again- a book, a project, a friendship. And even though my life is happy and good and content, that rhythm of escaping and reinventing again is something I'm so familiar with and find myself missing occasionally. What would it be like to go somewhere and start again? New friends, new jobs, new interests. 
No matter how many times I've become a newer version of me, I'm pretty much always the same. I'm that girl who likes lists, needs a lot of hugs, tries really hard to do her best and is un-admittedly sensitive. I'm that girl that loves music, can't sing, but dreams of being a badass drummer. I'm that girl that is simultaneously tattoo'd and conservative. I'm this girl. This me girl. 
So when life throws a curve again, (because it always does happen), I know now that no matter where I end up or how my circumstances land- I'll always end up just being the same old me.
Nic Marie. 

That went a whole different way than I thought it would.
All I could think about at first is the scene from 'The Cutting Edge' where they keep practicing their finale over and over and the coach keeps saying 'Again!'

What do you think of when you hear the word 'again'? Have you reinvented yourself numerous times only to find that you never really do change? :)

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