Sunday Seven 1/27/13

Today we had an ice storm that was both a blessing and a curse.

Curse because....
- We missed church and the El Salvador Potluck (bummed)
- My grandparents were going to come to church with us ( maybe next week Gma & Pops?)
- I didn't get my outside long run in with Jamilee
- I showered just to put on clean sweatpants
- I've been sort of lazy

Blessing because:
- I didn't leave the house (no work!)
- I ran 9.18 miles on the treadmill in 80 minutes
- I cleaned, did laundry and cooked for the week
- I listened to Jami Nato's Influence Session (amazing- go get it for you- in fact- get all of them!)
- I wrote this post!!

1. I am love love loving the SheReadsTruth Soul Detox plan we are doing right now. I did it last year in January and it is one of my favorite plans. We have read some of my favorite scripture this week: Romans 12, Hebrews 3, Colossians 3....all so good. The plan focuses on figuring out what are our destructive and toxic thoughts and letting them go. Turning our thoughts towards Jesus. To be honest, this is an area of my life I struggle in- staying positive and not getting wrapped up in greedy and self-critical thoughts. Reading these scriptures remind me of what's really important. If you haven't checked out SheReadsTruth and The Influence Network- you should.

2. I ran 24 miles this week. WOOT!! I'm excited that I'm headed in the right direction for my goal.

Post 3 miles of 800 repeats on the 'mill

3. It's also really good that I did that many miles because it's been a fatty week of eating for me. I went to Irina's Restaurant with some girlfriends and we ate our weight in Russian food. It was amazing! Expect a full review....

Nostrovia!! (To Health!!)
4. Since we had Monday off for MLK Day, I got to enjoy a little bit of this:

It was perfect afternoon. I enjoyed a strong cup of coffee, my favorite butterscotch blondie and quiet reading time. It was a nice start to the week.

5. I'm still in love with Pocket. Here are all the things I was reading this week:
- I wanted to dog on him with the rest of the world, but this post on Manti Te'o made me think twice
- I've been having a hard time with the winter blues this year. Like a really hard time. I'm hoping this challenge gives me the kick in the rear I need
Ginna's post on being okay with not liking popular things struck home with me. Check it out.
Um, yes. Let's stop doing this people
- I found this rebuttal pretty interesting. (Article being rebutted here)

6. I organized a Sandwich Club for a local men's shelter Bethel Mission. It was so amazing to see so many ladies I work with come together to serve those in need in our community.

We had a great turnout and were able to donate 200 brown bag lunches (each containing a sandwich, a cookie, apple and a bag of chips), over 70 extra sandwiches, 10 lbs of ham, plus the remaining apples, cookies and chips.
I'm so grateful to be part the Community Outreach Co-Chair for our women's group at work.
I love to serve.
It's my love language.

7. Speaking of love language...apparently food is also my love language. I've been baking a lot of muffins lately. And chili. And salads. Just a lot of kitchen things in general. I can't stop it. Nor can I stop how much I love this:

My two favorites curled up in bed watching Parks & Rec reruns. Ah. Bliss.
How was your week? 
I got another super busy week coming up so I'm so thankful for this Sunday of rest!