Rest (7/31)

It’s another night of 1 AM writing.

This is what happens when I don’t get up and write right away. The day escapes me and I’m left tired and without any worthwhile thoughts in my head.

Today is sort of a weird day for me and honestly, the things I had on my mind to write about are just being overshadowed by other stuff.  I don’t know that I have much to say here without going down either an angry path or a sort of sad one.

I can tell you that on this exact date last year, I ran my very first marathon. I can hardly believe an entire year has passed already…
In just two short weeks, I’ll be running the Des Moines Marathon and I hope to at least meet my time from last year. These past couple weeks have been a struggle for me to run, but I’m hoping for cool weather and energetic legs when race day arrives.

And then after that?

A whole lot of rest.

I look forward to the ‘post race’ season. I see it as a time to relax and stay in more. Read more books and watch more movies. Have more coffee dates and late night chats. More naps and more time just being.

So for tonight, I’m finishing with that.

After a season of hard work and struggle, there always comes rest.