I felt like this month's recap needed a big title because it was so crazy and busy and fun and beautiful and life-changing....but I couldn't think of anything creative.
So I just went ALL CAPS.
So you know I'm serious.

- Spend time in the word and prayer more.
I kept up with #shereadstruth in May, but I definitely missed a lot of church and small group due to all the out of town trips and races. And also just being exhausted from said trips and races. I realized how important that community is to my spirit. I need to be around people who share my beliefs and remind me of the life I'm called to live- one of service and love to Jesus and my fellow people.

- Stop Overcommitting
I ordered a sweet new planner that I'm absolutely in love with. It feels good to get my calendar back in order. I'm working on being more intentional with my time, but May was NOT the month for that. There was SO MUCH crammed into a short time that I feel like I barely remember it all. Not exactly how I want my summer to go. I'm looking forward to hazy Sunday afternoon bike rides, afternoons at the beach and lots of time relishing in the sunshine with family and friends.

- Get Simple (Fashion & Spending Fast)
Even though I purchased a few things on my out of town trips, I'm going to give this goal a thumbs up. I had planned for spending money in Cincinatti and Colorado so I didn't charge a bunch of stuff. I bought 3 running items at the expo in Cinci which I traded out for old items. In CO, I bought a few brewery t-shirts- which were also exchanged in the rotation with some old concert t's. Normally on an out of town trip, I would hit up an outlet and blow too much money. I tried to be intentional about spending and even ate up all my groceries before going out of town so I wouldn't waste food. I'm not 100% on this goal yet, but I'm definitely on my way.

- Eat (mostly) vegan
The first half of the month was not that great. And I felt it. I was lethargic, tired, puffy and just blah. Before we went to CO, I ate so many dang veggies and decided to start tracking my food again to get back on track. I'm happy to say that by the end of the month, I was back to eating really good whole foods, including green juice daily.

- Give priorities priority (more family, regular volunteering, scheduled writing sessions)
I was out of town a lot in May. But when I was here, I got to spend a ton of time with my family and friends. I wasn't able to volunteer as much as I liked, but it was a busy month. I am trying to have one night a week where I spend doing blog things, but other than that- I'm writing a little every day. But as you can tell from the lack of blog posts...writing here hasn't been happening as much.

-Rest in the big picture.
I spent a LOT of time in May thinking about the big picture. And where I want my life to go. If you missed any of those philosophical ramblings...check them out here and here.

My only goal for May was to ENJOY.
I ran 3 races ( A PR AND a 2nd place group finish!) and took 2 out of town trips...one that brought me back another year older.
It was one heck of a month and I relished every. single. minute. of it.
Even though I SAID I wasn't going to hold myself to many goals...that's just not possible. ACHIEVER is number 3 on my strengthfinders people. It's like a genetic trait, I can't avoid it.

And with birthdays, I always take stock on where my life is headed. And this milestone birthday? Yeah it was definitely one that made me rethink my assumptions about the rules are about work and life. And guess what?

There aren't any.

Seize the day!

Here's a little bit of my May in pictures. Enjoy!

Remember when it snowed in May? yeah I sort of forgot too. 

I spent the night in the Chicago airport. That was fun. 

I got to hang out with my friend Kimberly in Cinci!

Where I ran my fastest 1/2 marathon yet!

We had so much fun running the Flying Pig. 

Plus the metals are pretty cool.

I ran my first relay race with my running buddies!
And...we won 2nd place in our division!! It was awesome. 

And right after the race- my family and friends surprised me with a 30th birthday party...complete with all my favorite candy from my childhood days. Candy cigs & Zotz!

My mom made this amazing montage of pictures from the last 30 years and stuff that came out the year I was born: Hooters and Reading Rainbow....Hmmm.

I got to celebrate my 30th birthday in the biggest way- seeing my favorite band at Red Rocks with my favorite guy and his brother (from another mother)!

We went on a bike and beer tour

Colorado has awesome craft brews!

Also- the mountains. So dang pretty. 

My first MLB game! Go Rockies!

Did I mention the mountains?

Running with the other Nicole in the highest elevation municipality in the US!

Sunshine. And mountains. No filter here. 

And MOUNTAINS. Sky for days. It was really just beautiful the entire time. 

Then we came back to reality. And this girl was happy. 

And I was happy to get this too. Nice kick off to 30. 

I did a 20 days of 20 minutes of yoga challenge. It was so good. 

And I got back to my beloved farmers market. Yaaa for local foods!

And of course, shenanigans with this guy always. 
Man, that was maybe my favorite month of all time.
Except maybe that one epic weekend...It's a toss up.

This is a good life. :)

What have you been up to??