Five Minute Friday: Quiet

I'm super glad it's Friday.
Not super glad I stayed up way too late catching up on DVR TV (I'm sort of addicted to Sons of Anarchy- did you know that show is loosely based on Hamlet? Anyway...).

BUT- I do have some lovely weekend plans and a few things to knock out at work today so I'm looking forward to that!

Last week, I linked up with Lisa-Jo Baker and some others for Five Minute Friday.
The word 'o' the day last this week is: Quiet.

So here goes:

I suck at quiet.
I talk loud. I laugh loud. There is always noise of some sort- music, dog barking/yawning/scratching, laundry, TV, etc- going on around me.
Learning to be in the quiet is a relatively new concept for me.
Just this past year, I started doing all my runs without headphones.
(This mostly occurred out of necessity because I've sweat through 2 Ipods).
Running without sound is a totally different thing. It's just you and your thoughts.
In the beginning, I'd run through what I have to do for the day and what song I most recently heard would spin in my head like a record on repeat.
Then I began to notice how peaceful and quiet the world is early in the morning when I'm out running around my city.
How the sounds of the day are just beginning- garbage trucks, street sweepers, birds chirping.
How when I run along the lake, it's quiet, but at the same time FULL.
I find myself praying now on my runs. Just having a conversation with God about what's been going on in my life, the places where I struggle to abide in him and always seeking his grace and peace.
I don't know how to describe the sound of quiet. Just that when I'm in that place, just me and my breath, my feet striking the ground in a soothing rhythm, I feel close to God. Like if I just open my mind for his voice, I may just hear him.

And done. :)
What do you think of when you hear the word quiet? Are you a naturally quiet person? Or a loud one like me?
Try out 5 minute Friday on your own, then head over to Lisa-Jo Baker's blog and check out what quiet means to others.