Five Minute Friday: Roots


TGIF Friends!

Earlier this week, I was devouring the my friend Alia's 31 day series when I ran acroos her 5-Minute Friday post.

Five Minute Friday

So I checked out the details over at Lisa-Jo Baker's blog- http://Tales from a Gypsy Mama and here we are.

I like the concept of just free writing something for 5 full minutes and seeing what you get. May be good. May be bad.
Most likely will have bad spelling and grammatical errors (I'm apologizing ahead of time).

Timer's ready....Today's word is 'roots.'

Oddly enough, the first thing I thought of when I heard this word was a Sepultura song- 'Bloody Roots'. If you don't know who Sepultura is- well, they are a Brazilian metal band from the 80's. And how do I know this?
Once upon a time I was a wanna be drum-player (still want to learn by the way) who listened only to the angriest, heaviest metal music you could find.
If you know me now, you probably have a hard time recognizing that person in the person I am today.
But maybe this whole memory is relevant.
That angry girl who loved death metal and hung with the boys is the same girl who realized she needed a change and took steps to make her life different.
It's the same girl who put herself through college, a marriage, a divorce, recovery and kept her resilience. Kept her hope. Found love.
Maybe those times of anger and dark days just prepared her for what was to lie ahead.
Maybe my 'roots' are just a series of events that led me to where I am today.
I envision the things I've experienced inmy life building on one another to form the strong foundation of where I stand today.
I'm firmly grounded.
My roots are deep in the earth.
They've found fertile and rich soil in the grace of Jesus, the love of a man and the hope of a bright future.

What does the word 'roots' signify to you?
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