Colorado Trip: Day 3

We had an early afternoon flight on Monday so we got up with the sun to check out the local trails.
Keith and Jamie's neighborhood has over 80 miles of trail. We got on the trail just a couple blocks from their house and climbed up the hill to look out of the neighborhood.

Watching the sun come up over the mountains and downtown Denver was just beautiful.

We took their dog with us and I got this shot of T walking with him. It might be one of my favorite pictures.

We were also able to get a picture of the Birdman's house. Do you know who that is?

It was so beautiful and peaceful walking along the trail with our coffee and the crisp morning air.
I could start every morning that way- waking up with the mountains and the sun.

 I got this shot of the sun just peeking over the hill and it turned out perfect. :)

 After our walk, we headed downtown to hang out while Keith went to some morning meetings.
Denver's capital building looks very similar to Des Moines.
We shopped in this little downtown mall area, then hit up the Yard House for some beers and appetizers.
They have a huge selection of draft beer and lots of local beer too. Keith met us for lunch, then we were off to airport to head back home.

We had a great time visiting our friends! T and Keith really enjoyed spending some time catching up. Best buddies.
I loved Denver and definitely want to go back- especially to do some more outdoorsy stuff- like some hiking. I was glad I crossed some items off my bucket list, visited some good friends and spent a memorable weekend celebrating 2 years with T. :)

Have you been to Colorado? What was your favorite part?