Colorado Trip: Day 1

Exactly a month ago, T and I went to Colorado to visit some good friends who moved there last year.

We were excited to get out of town for the weekend and see our friends, relax and enjoy the scenery!

When we landed on Saturday first thing we did was grab some lunch and catch the Iowa Game!
Our friend Keith took us to a local sports bar that had plenty of good food (sweet potato fries!) and local beer.
See the bartender? Apparently she was on The Bachelor...but I don't watch that show and didn't recognize her. She seemed like a really nice girl.

After our bellies were full we spent some time hanging out at our friends house and playing with the kids. Isn't this giant bean bag chair awesome? It makes T look tiny!

Our friends kids were all geared out for a Halloween-themed bday party so I snapped a pic. They are some of the coolest kids I know!

Later that evening we caught the train to head downtown for the first Colorado Avalanche game of the season against the Detroit Redwings!!

T and Keith loved having time to catch up and just shoot the breeze. They're buddies. :)

Keith takes the train everyday from the suburbs to his job downtown. It's inexpensive and the view of the mountains the entire way is amazing.

I was so excited to see the game! But mostly I was excited that I was getting to spend an entire weekend hanging with my boy, T!

Keith brought a couple of friends along to the game with us- they were great! Isn't the view of the mountains amazing? I could enjoy that commute every day...

On our way to downtown we stopped at the Buckhorn Exchange. It's the oldest bar in Denver- the very first place to get a liquor license!

One of their specialties is Rocky Mountain Oysters....if you don't know what those are- Google it. The boys tried them but I abstained. They said as long as they didn't think about what they were, they tasted okay.

One of their other specialties is Western Decor. Which includes guns.
Shoot 'em up!

After our snack and a couple of whiskeys we were ready for the game.

The Avalanche play at the same place the Denver Nuggets play. It's a really beautiful sports complex.

 And because we were extra fancy we got to go in the VIP entrance!

Once we got situated in the box, I kicked back, put my feet up and sipped on a cocktail while watching the action.

The sports commentator was filming just 2 boxes down from us.

The atmosphere was really cool. Music, lights and the FANS. Some people are die hard hockey fans in Colorado- I had no idea. 

There was big deal going on because they were retiring Peter Forsberg's jersey. They had commentary from other players about his career.
Also, the Detroit Redwings are the arch-enemy of the Colorado Avalanche due to an incident that happened in 2004 when Todd Bertuzzi of the Redwings hit another player from behind, ultimately paralyzing the player- Steve Moore. Read the full story here. So every time Bertuzzi hit the ice, people booed like crazy.

It was fun to watch and there was a lot of action! I don't know a lot about hockey, but I really enjoyed watching a live event.

It was a great first day of vacation, 1 item off the bucket list and a wonderful way to spend the day celebrating 2 years together with my best friend. :)

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