3 Concerts. 3 Venues. And one concert with 3+ bands!!

(Well to be honest- one concert was in September but at the very end...so close enough).

We saw Blue October at the Hoyt Sherman. I'd had never been there before for a show and it is a beautiful venue.

 We took a few snapshots for new profile pics. We're nerds like that.

Blue October had a new album come out in August called 'Any Man in America.' It chronicles the lead singer's custody battle with his ex wife.
If you know anything about Blue October, you would know that all his songs are very personal, almost overly intimate. This album was no different.
Watching him sing was one of the most interesting concerts I'd ever seen.

 It was like sitting down with someone in their living room and have them spill all their most intimate feelings with you.

He played a lot of songs from the new album and a few of the 'favorites' from his prior albums.

It was a really great show.
At the beginning of 'The Flight' he played the same voicemail from his ex-wife that he plays on the album.

 I can't imagine going on tour to sing songs every night about a painful divorce and separation from your child.
It was definitely an intense show.
I really enjoyed it and glad that my friend Rachel and her friend were able to join us pre and post show.

The second show was on October 1st. We saw Mat Kearney at People's downtown.
It is one of my favorite venues and I was really looking forward to seeing Mat Kearney.
He did not disappoint!!

 It was a pretty packed show and he played a great set. Most songs from the new album of course, including my favorite- Ships in the Night.

Mat played a great live set and he's also a great entertainer. I would definitely see him again if he came back to Des Moines.

The third show we saw was at West End downtown. It was 4 band show featuring: Canby, Carley Tanchon, Harper Blynn, and The Damnwells...which is really one guy, Alex Dezen, playing with Harper Blynn.

My friend Chris organized and promoted this show. I was excited to see a show at West End.
 The atmosphere was intimate and acoustic. The audience was so tentative.

 Canby was great! Scott sang a song that I had heard him sing at church before and I really liked it.

 I had never heard Carly before, but I really enjoyed her music. Sort of bluesy/folkish/country/acoustic. Some of her songs reminded me of Romi Mayes.

And of course, Harper Blynn. This was my third time seeing them and first time seeing them in a fully acoustic show. It was a quieter, slower paced set than what I had seen before, but, as usual, their voices and harmony was amazing.

 Last but not least, Mr. Alex Dezen of the Damnwells.

T and I had a great time and really enjoyed this chill show.

Of all 3 shows, I don't know that I have a favorite, all were unique and different. I love that Des Moines is growing into such a music town. It is awesome seeing live music of new and favorite artists close to home!!

Have you seen any live music lately? What is your favorite venue?