October Reflections

Can you believe it's November already? I feel like the past 10 months have just flown by.
However, I do love everything about fall....



The leaves. The mums. The pumpkins. The hot coffee. The beautiful sunsets.

Fall always feels sort of like a rebirth to me. It's the end of the hot, long days of summer and the beginning of the cold, dark days of winter. It always makes me feel super domestic - I want to bake and do house projects. Hibernate.

I saw this quote on Twitter:

'October is the fallen leaf, but it is also a wider horizon more clearly seen.'

It's so fitting to how I feel about this month and time of year. I think fall is a good time to reflect on what you had planned for the year and how far you've progressed. 

Oftentimes, I find that I create some goal lists that may be a bit aggressive. As you can see, many things on this list are NOT crossed off.
For the remainder of 2011, I'm going a little more simple. I want to feel accomplished, not stressed. Achieved, not overwhelmed. I'm focusing on the things that make me happy and also a few things I have been putting off.
I've also been thinking a lot about what is on my to-do list for next year....

I'm turning 30 in a year and a half. To me- it feels like a milestone. At that point, I want to look back at how I lived my 20's and feel like I made time for those things that I wanted to. That I reached beyond my limits. That I experienced and traveled and learned and just lived.

I'm formulating a list (because we know how I love lists!!) of some things I want to do before I turn 30. My friend Holly came up with a 12 month life list and it inspired me. My list is going to be a few things comprised of stuff on my life list and some other random things that I want to have crossed off when I enter the 3rd decade of my life.
Look for it on a page soon.

As for the remainder of 2011, I have a few things left to do:

- Finish the 1 year Bible I started 5 years ago... (don't judge)
- Test up 2 levels for tax preparation
- Knit 2 hats

That doesn't seem like much but between my full-time job and tax prep training 2 nights a week for the rest of November and part of December, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Book Club, Small Group, Knitting Club and last but not least- T and Roxy...I don't have a lot of time. :)

Do you make goal or 'to-do' lists? What's do you want to accomplish for the rest of 2011?