Colorado Trip: Day 2

On Sunday morning we woke up to clear and cool sunny skies in Colorado. T and I walked to Starbucks and then headed back to get ready because it was FOOTBALL SUNDAY!!

All the Bronco fans were waiting for the train that would take us all to the stadium.

 There were hundreds of people streaming off the train to head into the stadium to see the Broncos take on the Chargers. Our friend Keith is a Chargers fan...so we just didn't dress affiliated with either team. :)

 Then we found our section and headed in to the sounds of AC/DC blasting through the stadium....

 Our seats were 50 yard line, 19th row. AMAZING.

 This guy is not messing around. He was even in a little infomercial on the jumbo tron about 'Respect' for the game, the stadium and the fans.

 Check out John Elway in the white!
 The pre game stuff was quite the production. The cheerleaders put on a little show complete with skimpy outfits (I felt sorry for them it was COLD) and booty shaking. :)

 I'm not sure what this ladies name is, but every time they score she rides across the field on her horse.

This was the craziest part of the whole thing. They had people skydive into the stadium!!

 Can you see the guy landing in the middle with his Bronco colored parachute?

 Then the team came running out across the field to get the game started!!

We also paid homage to our soldiers, veterans and all other Americans serving our country.

 They had fighter jets fly across the field. I had never seen anything like it. So awesome!!

 I had to get this picture taken for my Life List. :)

 Then the game was on!! It was so exciting! I love football, but seeing it live is even better. We were sitting in a season ticket section so all the people around us were serious fans.

Jamie and I got our picture taken with this guy with an outfit made entirely out of pom poms!!

 At first, the Chargers were killing it, then TEBOW came in to try and bring them back!!

There he is with his boyish good looks.... HA

 The last few minutes of the game were so intense!! It was really close, but the Chargers pulled out a victory!

Then we stood in the biggest people pile up ever to wait for the train.
But it moved pretty fast. And I got a pretty good picture of downtown.

We had a great day!! And I was so excited to see my first NFL game. :)

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