Sunday Seven 10-2-11....Late Edition

Hey there...what have you been up to?
I (obviously) have been busy. Not writing that is.

I made a list of posts I have started (in my head) and there are 5. My goal is to have all of those written and posted by October 15th! Stay tuned...

In the meantime- here's what's up in my world:

1. Still going strong meat-free. I went to the doctor today and got my blood and cholesterol checked. I'm so curious about the results....

2. RUNNING!!! I went for my very first run in 8 weeks on Sunday. 2 miles in 18:24. It felt good to strap on my running shoes, breath deep and enjoy the fall leaves.

3. My friend Holly sent me this link of a great gift idea. I think it makes a great Christmas gift. And a cool, unique way to remember little tidbits. Plus I love paper. And postcards.

4. I saw this quote on Twitter and I love it:

'In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.'
- Albert Camus

With the dark mornings already beginning and the cold weather season creeping on, along with the seasonal depression, it reminds me that no matter where we are- we can be warm and happy in our thoughts. :)

5. Pumpkin! I love fall so much. I mean, I want to live somewhere where it is perpetually fall. I love the smells, the weather, the colors and the gourds. Which means I'm seriously addicted to pumpkin lattes and I'm excited about trying some of these pumpkin recipes.

6. I recently discovered Beaverdale Bicycles right up the street from me. And check out what I got!! I'm so so so excited about this PDW Barista I got for my bike:

I seriously got up early Friday morning and rode to the coffee shop just so I could test it out and also test out my new lights. #nerdalert.

And of course I had to represent....

Yes- that is a little Beaver riding a bike on my hat. :)

7. Fall. Yes this gets another mention. I'm sooooo looking forward to a less busy schedule and more time indoors knitting, reading and drinking hot tea!! And writing more, of course.
Sometimes I worry I'm a grandma trapped in a youthful hoodie and chucks... HA

What have you been up to?? What's your favorite thing about fall?