Sunday Seven 10-9-11

1. I went to the farmer's market Saturday and it was like a scene out of a movie.

Don't you just love Iowa in the fall? It's unbelievably beautiful.
Which means this is just around the corner...

Which is not really different from any other Iowa winter. Prepare yourselves people.

2. My test results came back. My cholesterol test was amazing!!

Total Cholesterol: 171 (desirable <200)
Triglycerides: 42 (normal <150)
HDL: 92 (optimal >60)
LDL: 71 (optimal <100)

Is it nerdy that I'm proud of my awesome cholesterol?
On a negative note, my iron was unusually low....13. It's supposed to be 75 or higher. The doctor is putting me on iron pills for 6 months. I think between that and taking vitamins I should get right back to where I'm supposed to be.

3. I saw this on the Internet:

It's Great Books Week (Oct. 2-8). Many people think of the “great books” as only classics, such as novels by Charles Dickens or Jane Austen, but a great book can be any work that’s shaped your mind and influenced your thinking. Take time this week to read a great book.

Have you read any classics? I've read A Tale of Two Cities  and Jane Eyre.  I started Anna Karenina  last winter and I think I'll finish it this year.
I've read a couple of books recently that have 'influenced my thinking' and I'll be posting about them soon. There have definitely been books I've read that have forever changed my view on particular subjects.

4. I read this article about memory and retention and it blew my mind. A few points I found particularly interesting:

This means that a memory can literally change over time and, even more shockingly, that the simple act of remembering may be what causes a memory to warp and change.
Short of videotaping your entire life, I don’t know that there is something that can be done. And maybe there shouldn’t be. It is, after all, these distortions of memory that allow us to look back fondly on times of hardship or criticize poor decision that seemed right in the moment. Our skewed memories are the source of our nostalgia You may remember only what you subconsciously want to, whether it’s accurate or not. I think this is really interesting. There are definitely periods of time in my life that I remember very little of. I wonder if that is something I subconsciously have done to help me to remember those times more fondly? Or not at all?

Also, he mentions the  Super Memo app. I downloaded it and am on my way to learning the 50 state capitals and I'm considering learning guitar chords. Read the article- you’ll want to download it too.
5. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, died.  I listened to his commencement speech to Harvard graduates on the way to work Thursday and I got a little choked up. I really like his quote 'Stay hungry. Stay foolish.' It reminds me to keep looking for that thing that I love to do and go after it. He was definitely a testament to what motivation and avocation can do. 
I saw this quote on Twitter dedicated to Steve Jobs and I thought it was perfect:

'We never met, yet I stand beside members of this giant playground that you discovered for us. We use it every day, never tiring of the sand.'
-Dianna Agronomist

I love my Iphone and I'm considering the purchase of an Ipad. My next computer will be a Mac. Thanks Steve, for creating amazing technology that has literally changed the world.

6. On Wednesday my small group did our service project at Trinity Center at Luther Park. It is a residential facility for people with dementia or Alzheimer's. We showed up after dinner and hung out with the residents- chatting and playing Domino's. It was so much fun. The residents were great and they really enjoyed us coming. There was this one elderly couple that were just hilarious. They'd banter back and forth and say the sweetest things about each other. I'm looking forward to more visits to the center.

7. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed waking up to brisk mountain air and sunrises this weekend.
I love Colorado.

How was your week? What was your reaction to Steve Jobs death? Have you been to Colorado?

I made a statement last week that I would catch up on posts by October 15th. That might have been a little aggressive....but I'm going to do my best. In fact, I'm devoting a whole evening this week to nothing but writing posts. Get ready to read!