Sunday Seven 10-16-11

1. This week I had dinner with my grandparents. I took them to Jethro's in Altoona. It was nice to hang out and chat and get caught up on life. They are the coolest.

2. Did anyone see this article about the woman who gave birth 7 hours after running the Chicago marathon?? In. Sane.

3. Speaking of marathons, this weekend was the Des Moines IMT Marathon. You know, the one I trained for before I got a stress fracture in my foot? Here's my sad little number I didn't get to wear...
Well, anyhow, my training buddy Jamie ran it and finished in an amazing 4:28:41!!!

I'm so super happy and proud of her. She did amazing! I ran miles 22 and 23 with her for some chatting time and then watched her rock the finish line. Congrats girl- you did awesome!!

4. And speaking of races, we participated in a little 1K Friday night. That's right- I said 1K.
This is our 3rd year of completing Run Like A Girl 1K. We rocked it of course.
Especially T with his faux hawk.

Some people dress up which is pretty entertaining as well.
The 6 pack

The fake butt lady...not sure what this costume is supposed to be but we couldn't help but look at her weird plastic butt

5. I also went to the Farmer's Market Saturday morning and scored some amazing flowers.

Can you see Roxy posing in the background of each of these pictures? Silly dog.

It was a beautiful fall day at the market and I really enjoyed spending some time catching up with my good friend BrandiSue and her daughter.

6. Speaking of fall, my friend posted this article about the best fall dates a guy can take a girl on. I love all of these ideas!! Fall is my favorite time of year.
I also want to try out this fall facial. Perhaps in preparation for an awesome fall date?

7. Has anyone heard anything about this whole 'Occupy' thing? I'm sure I've mentioned before how I'm not big into following the news or politics but this topic came up with some of my work peeps. I'm still not sure I completely understand but I found this article helpful. Also, some of the links in the article are very interesting as well.

What have you been up to this fall? How have you enjoyed the beautiful weather?