3 Reasons...

This week totally sucked:

1. I worked close to 50 hours...to say month end = nightmare is an understatement.

2. I got fired from my second job....for having to go to my first job.

3. This.

No- not the toothbrush in my mouth or the bad hairdo. The giant black thing on my leg.
Stress Fracture.
Marathon goal for 2011- over.

This week rocked:

1. 1 Less job means less stress. Plus lots more free time for napping, reading, hanging with T and blogging, of course.

2. I got these sweet sandals for $20 at Famous Footwear.

3. I made a dent in my summer reading list....I'm on the 3rd Harry Potter book people...and I just started 2 weeks ago.

What are 3 great things about your week? Maybe 3 not-so-great things?