Sunday Seven 7-31-11

1. This article about Lucia Gibbons. She's a Wells Fargo banking president who is a philanthropist, supports multiple family members, is the breadwinner for her family and an all around pretty cool lady. Inspiring. Girl Power.

2. How does someone make a necklace like this?? I want to try.

3. Marathon Fueling. I thought this article was great. For someone training for a marathon, I really thought it answered a lot of questions about intake vs outtake, when to eat, what to eat, how often, etc.

4. This Irish Mayor who drove over a Mercedes in a public service announcement.  Pretty funny story and probably effective!!

5. My staged photo in the Wells Fargo Green Team blog. Goofy, right? We did get a lot of people to stop using Styrofoam though. Every bit counts. Go green!



I started reading the Harry Potter series. My goal is to read all of the books before the last movie leaves the theater....

7. The heat wave has left the building! The oppressive heat broke a little this week which made our Friday night long run pretty good. We could actually breathe the air instead of chew it.

I know this is more than 7....but there were other notable happenings!!

8. Bombshell Brunch at Americana

Quiche, fruit platters, crepes, mexi-eggs and UNLIMITED bloody/mimosa bar. Need I say more?

9. Weekend fun. We spent all weekend with our friends Maryl and Tony. And we had a blast. Somehow this involved Italian fest cutouts and me singing in a karaoke competition....

10. Riding my bike. I rode it downtown Saturday for brunch, napped (was super full and couldn't foresee me peddling my buffet butt uphill), then biked home. Not as far as I thought and seeing a regular driving route on bicycle is so much more entertaining.