Vacation from Social Media (NaBloPoMo#11)

Well, hello there.

It’s Wednesday Friday and I’m just now writing Monday’s this week’s prompts…
Interestingly enough, the question is ‘Do you find it easy to go offline during vacation?’
I happen to have the day off work on Monday and social plans the other days, so I think the obvious answer is ‘yes.’

However, I’ll explain. J

When I’m on vacation, I take a lot more pictures (which I hard to believe given the amount of pictures I take on daily basis). But I post less and check social media less. When I’m on vacation, especially when I’m out of town, I want to present and focused on the experience. I love visiting new places and just soaking it all in. At that point, I find social media to be distracting. However, the internet is my best friend when traveling. Pre- vacation I will research which local restaurants are the best, which local bars are the most popular, which dives are a ‘must see’ and what attractions the new place has to offer. How did people ever plan a trip without the internet? It really is a wonderful thing.
If I’m on vacation at home- meaning I took a couple days off work- I am probably more connected to the internet. Mostly because I use that time to blog or catch up with friends. sometimes those days off are spent in isolation and re-energizing for the days and weeks ahead. It really depends on why I took the vacation and what my mood is.

How about you?
Do you find it difficult to go offline during vacation? Or is it a natural part of your everyday- vacation or not?