Foreshadowing: My 1st Blog Comment (NaBloPoMo #8)

In an effort to be more intentional about my writing and to really work on strengthening my skills, I'm participating in Blogher's NaBloPoMo for July.
The theme is CONNECT. 
Everyday, I'm going to write based on the prompts and share it here and on Blogher. 
I would love to hear any and all feedback from you.

Venture-but be prepared that it might not be the same as the life you live now-materialistic wise.

To date, this is the only anonymous comment I've ever received
For all I know, it could be T. :)
My initial reaction was excitement- I got a comment! 
My second reaction was sort of panic and then annoyance- what if this was my boss? Can I get fired for this? I didn't even say anything bad about the company...wait, does he even know I have a blog? 
Oh well. Back to enjoying the day off work. 

I had been taking some PTO and just really enjoying my time doing 'me.' Writing, taking walks, cooking, meet-ups with friends, etc. It was so freeing to not be chained to a tight schedule: 

Maybe it is incredibly idealistic and naive of me to think that I could have a job or lifestyle where I could always be in the second mindset. Relaxed but engaged. Creative and calm. Allowed to work at my own pace on something I feel passionate about. Not rushed. Not feeling the pressure of never-ending mindless tasks. Not bored. 

Interestingly enough, my thoughts on this subject haven't really changed. I DO want a job where I can be relaxed, engaged and creative. I want autonomy and passion and energy. 
The only difference is now I don't consider myself idealistic or naive. 
I think it is a feasible option. 
I think someday I WILL be able to move on from the 9-5 and create a life and schedule that is all my own. 
After I turned old last month, I wrote a post about saying your dreams out loud. I wrote about my dream to be financially independent and have a job that I was passionate about. A job where I could live out my interests and values freely.
I've been taking small steps to get there and writing these words here, participating in NaBloPoMo is just the start. 

What steps are you taking in your life to reach your goals? How are you living out your dreams?