Five Minute Friday: Imagine

It's been awhile since I've participated in Five Minute Friday.

I've missed it.

I've missed the people, and the posts, but most of all I've missed flexing my writing muscles.

So here I am. Ready to write about whatever Lisa has planned for the day.

The rules:

1. Write for 5 minutes straight on the prompt word.
2. No editing- just pure flow.
3. Link back to Lisa's blog.
4. Read, comment and share!

Today's word: IMAGINE

It's morning. 
Brisk, cool and not yet completely light. There is a quiet murmur along the sea of tired faces and athletic shoe clad crowd. Some jump to keep moving or shake their arms out, chatting among those around them. Some stare stoically ahead, concentrating on what comes next. You've had your coffee, your banana with peanut butter and your fifteen bathroom breaks. Shoes are double knotted, hair secured and race chip in place. Your number rustles against the synthetic fabric of your shirt as the breeze kicks up. 
It's a perfect day for a race. 
Everyone crowds a little closer together and gets a little quieter as a quiet voice sings the national anthem. You listen intently, mouthing the words and saying a little prayer of thanks for country, service, community and two healthy legs to run with. 
As the song crescendos, the crowd breaks out in applause and a few shout out in patriotism and excitement. 

You hear the pop of the gun as the crowd starts shuffling forward.
Take a deep breath.

It's time.

Immediately when I saw today's word, I simultaneously thought of 'Imagine' by the Beatles and Imagine Dragons since I recently saw them in concert and I love their music. My favorite song of theirs is called 'It's Time.' I listen to that song before ever race because when the EP first came out, I listened to it on repeat before my first out of town race in Nashville.
Start lines and Imagine Dragons are forever linked in my head and heart.
Also, every time I hear this line:

I don't ever want to let you down
I don't ever want to leave this town

I think about how much I love my city.
Tomorrow, I will run my 5th Dam to Dam 20K. It is the state's best race and a great way to see the city. It will also be the 5th anniversary of me 'officially' being a runner as it was very first race in 2009.
I just turned 30, celebrating 5 years of running and running my 5th big hometown race.
I realize I may be getting weirdly overly emotional about this...

Anyway...I guess you could say I had this on my mind. :)

Happy TGIF writing friends.