This and That

How was your Easter Weekend?

We were busy living life so today you get a little bit of what I would have done had I been paying attention to what day it was. 

My Friday morning routine changed a couple months ago and since then I've pretty much fell off the Five Minute Friday wagon. 
BUT, you  are getting it now. On Tuesday (or Wednesday when most of you will probably read this).


I was getting a mug out for hot tea when one of my favorite antique teacups fell off it's hook and tumbled onto the counter- the handle flying off in multiple pieces.


I found each of the pieces and set them and the mug to the side. 
One of these days I'll find the super glue and put it back together.
It may not be as sturdy as it once was and it will have some visible seams but it will still be useful. The design is not marred so even though it's repaired, it's just as beautiful as an original unscarred cup. 

I think of myself as that cup sometimes.
I've fallen and all of me has felt scattered and lost about.
But I think that is where Jesus comes in. 
He finds all those little bits of us and puts us back together. He might not do it right away, but eventually he'll help us to glue all our bits back together. Maybe we won't be exactly the same- we all wear scars of decisions gone wrong. 
But just as beautiful as when he very first created us. 

I love that 'broken' was the word for #FMF. Perfect for Easter weekend when we think of how broken we are, but also how whole we are because of the gift God gave us through his son Jesus. 

Speaking of Easter....

Sunday 7 3-31-13

1. We had an awesome service on Sunday.

The message was really good. Powerful. 
And we were all dressed up in our Sunday best!
 2. We celebrated Easter on Saturday with my family.

It was a great day. 

Love this picture of the kids. Can't wait to get a big one printed. 

Also, it was my Grandma's 75th Birthday. She's awesome. 
3. Friday I took the day off work to hang out with these ladies.

Being an aunt is seriously the best. :)
We even baked their mom a birthday cake. Hopefully it tasted better than it looked...

4. I really loved this article on finding your passion. And this one on the future sustainability of Earth. I haven't been adding a lot to Pocket because I've been pretty absent from Twitter....

5. I got some good news this week so I celebrated with a cookie dough tornado. It was well worth it. 

6. Lent is over and I get to have coffee again. But I also have a lot of thoughts about what I learned during Lent about fasting and the lack of self-discipline I have...more to come on that.

7. These are the last 2 weeks of tax season. I. cannot. wait. to be back to normal. I'm pretty burnt out on being a #2job lady.

I've been doing a little writing over at Thought Circus. You should check it out. And read all the other posts too- so much good, thought-provoking stuff out there. I feel very blessed to be a part of it!

AND- since you didn't get a meatless munch from me this week- you should just make this. Trust me- it's good.

What have you been up to? How was your Easter weekend? Did you eat ridiculous amounts of chocolate and go to church with your family?