Sunday Seven 3/3/2013

It's been a couple weeks since I've done a real Sunday Seven.
You know, all kinds of things cutting into my blogging time...you know, like life. :)

So you are going to get a random assortment of all the things I've been loving these past 3 (wow, has it really been 3??!) weeks:

1. This little lady graced the world with her presence.

Meet my newest niece- Gwendolyn Mae. Already a Hawkeye fan!

2. I made a 4 course meal for T for Valentine's Day. It was so fun to take a day off and cook and clean and do something super yummy and sweet for the day of love.

I made beet and goat cheese hearts for salad with BLT tomatoes, an antipasto tray, pasta puttanesca (thanks for the recipe Lisa!) and my very first cheesecake. It was fun and tasty.

3. I did some volunteering with the American Heart Association.
It was a great excuse to wear bright red lipstick!

I also started volunteering 2 times a month at the local youth shelter- serving an afternoon meal. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE it. It is probably the most rewarding experience I've ever had to date.

4. I have been having some GREAT runs. I'm keeping close to about 20 miles a week and the random 45 degree days here and there are a blessing.

After a great 7 miles in the warm Sunday sunshine. 

5. I got to spend some time little people. T and I took my nephews and one of my nieces to lunch and to the Science Center. It was fun and chaotic and crazy. 3 kids under age 6. I have no idea how people do that!

I love this picture. Perfectly captures the day. 
Little girls are slow walkers and get free rides. from Uncle T. 

Someone loves the camera!

Then we all went to my sisters house where the kids played and played and I got to snuggle this one. It was a great day! (I was asleep by 9 PM on a Saturday night- I'm so old. HA).

6. I met a girl named Deena through my run group. We clicked and became fast friends. But now she's getting married and moving to Mexico! We still sent her off in style- girls night at Louie's Wine Dive complete with mini cupcakes!

The delicious butternut squash flatbread I had

Mushroom soup- SO GOOD

Our little run group! (horrible pic by waiter)

Because every celebration needs cupcakes!
I am so glad I met Deena- she's the coolest! Check out her blog about training for a 100K!

7. We've had a lot of snow lately. And wind. And ice. I'm over. it.

Roxy is sick of it too

What happened to that fat groundhog and his spring predictions???

What have you been up to? 
Can you believe it's March already??