Five Minute Friday: REST

So last night I worked on this beautiful post all about my 7 experiment and then Blogger decided to crash and I lost the entire post.
And I tried to start over and then I really lost my train of thought and now it's just sitting.
I'm hoping by sometime this weekend I can wrap it up and share.
And also give you a February recap and March goal post. I mean, we are halfway through the month already...geesh!

So as a consolation prize, you get my Friday ramblings courtesy of Lisa Jo Baker's word 'o' the day.

How it works:
- Lisa provides a word.
- Write for 5 minutes about that word. No editing.
- Link back up on her blog and read what everyone else wrote!
- Writers. Community. TGIF.

Today's word: REST

My mantra for 2013 is #restisbest (yes I created my own hashtag).
If I learned anything the last few months of 2012, it was that I have the tendency to say 'yes' to a lot without thinking about time that  my body, mind and soul need to just REST.
Recently, I lost my license. I can drive myself to work and home. This has proven to be a blessing in disguise. I can't say yes to so many things because I'm not the only person responsible for getting me places. I have to arrange rides and be on time. 
It's only the first week and I'm sort of loving having this free rest. 
I've spent a lot of time walking around my city with my dog and thinking. I've taken naps and done yoga and watched the first two seasons of Downtown Abbey. 
Tonight, I took myself to dinner and for a special vegan mint smoothie to enjoy on my springy, almost balmy walk home.
My mind is quieter. My heart is listening. My senses are more alive. 
I'm no longer feeling rushed and overwhelmed because I can't fight time right now.
I'm just taking a rest.

What does 'rest' mean to you? How do you like to spend your down time?

I like a hot drink, warm blankie and a soft light to read or knit by. 

Try out #FMF on rest and don't forget to link up over at the blog!