Sunday Seven 03-17-2013

Seven Things I love about this week:

1. I ran 5 miles this morning and 2 miles this afternoon to reach 30 miles ran for the week. This has been a goal since I ran a marathon in October. I feel PUMPED about finally reaching it.

2. We went to a great church service this morning. I can't get it out of my head. 

3. I cleaned my condo, prepped my outfits for the week and did some laundry. I even filled an entire Rubbermaid tote of things to get rid of. I love knowing I'm starting the week fresh, clean and organized!

4. Last night I got to attend a wedding celebration for my sister and her new husband. I was able to see family and joke and laugh over beers with some of my favorite people.

My uncle is the beer man. 
5. I've been writing a lot. And walking a lot A lot of drafts and a lot of starts in my head happen when I'm walking through my city with only the sounds of traffic and my feet on pavement. I feel my words ready to spill out and I'm looking forward to sharing so much with you. Besides hanging out with my favorite people, writing feeds my soul.

6. Friday night I had a solo date- just me, some Lebanese food, a delicious green vegan shake and an evening walk. I watched a little TV and read some War & Peace. Alone time can be so good.

7. The sun is shining today. I had a vigorous walk to the coffee shop for some quality writing time. I had a chocolate chai and an orange. Now I'm off to enjoy some basketball with my favorite guy, T and some of our best sports-watching buddies. Sundays and sunshine make me happy.

Happy Today ya'll.