Five Minute Friday: Home (late edition)

I totally spaced Five Minute Friday this week.

But I'm doing it anyway.
On Sunday.

Here's the deal:
- Write for 5 minutes on a chosen word from Lisa Jo Baker
- No editing
- Link up with all the other amazing writers at Lisa's blog and spread the writing and reading love.


Home is where the heart is. Or that is what people like to say. I currently reside downtown in a condo that I've grown to love and has become my home. Before that, I lived in the same house for almost 7 years. As of now, that place is home to someone else. In fact, I don't even refer to it as my home anymore.
But can a physical place really be a home?
If all these walls were stripped away would I really be without a place to land? Without that feeling of belonging and comfort? Because isn't that what a home really is? A place to stay. A place to belong. A place to love and be loved.
7 short months from now, I'll be in a new place. Getting settled into a new physical space with my husband. Making wherever we are living- our home. But to be truthful, I already feel home. When we eat dinner together. When we chat at work. When we discuss our day and funny stuff we read on the interwebs over a craft beer. When we hold hands. When we walk the dog. When we curl up at night to sleep. Home is wherever I'm with people I love and care about and when that feeling is mutual.
So maybe it really is true.
Home IS where your heart is.


All I could think about was this song the entire time I was writing.

What's 'home' mean to you? 
More of a physical place or a feeling?