Favorite Instagrammers & Screen Shots

I realized the other day that I'm addicted to taking pictures of my iPhone screen.
If I see a recipe I like on Instagram or a cool picture, I'll screen shot it to save for later.
Besides Pocket, it's my next favorite invention.

So here is a little bit of what I've been Screen-Shotting (I'm sure that is not grammatically correct) lately:

First of all, if you don't yet, you should follow all these people:

@treehouseohm on Instagram. Zaiden is awesome. She always posts pictures and quotes that challenge my mind and my body. Plus- she's a little sassy and I like that in people. Here are a few awesome things I've found on her instagram:

Workout Part 1

Workout Part 2

Workout Part 3
 I think between these 3 screen shots I have a few things to help keep my fitness mixed up. I'm really interested in trying the 4 minute plank workout.

I love this quote. And someday I'm going to get that bendy. 

These look super delicious. And easy. And nutritious. 

Here are a couple other inspirational fitness people from Instagram:

Elliebean of @Raeble_Raeble: Vegan gal training for a goal weight. She posts a lot of motivational type things and tips. With a little humor mixed in.

I don't know if this burns 1000 calories, but I bet it sure feels like it! 

This makes me laugh. so. hard. 

I love workouts you can do while you are doing other stuff- easy peasy!

I did a little Internet research on this one...and it appears to be true. SUPER interesting. Especially to those that have issues with cholesterol. 

@InstagramFitness: This account has food and fitness. They feature other people who are pushing their fitness levels. It gives me ideas and reminds me that my body is capable of much more than I think it is.

These look awesome

@SimpleGreenSmoothies: I'm pretty sure I've mentioned the 30 day challenge before. I did it for the month of January and pretty much have made this a lifetime commitment- green smoothies often. So good for me! Here are a few recipes that caught my eye:

This protein power drink sounds delicious

I love cranberries and thought this sounded like a great winter recipe.

I love avocado in a smoothie- it's really good. 

I still haven't tried the frozen grapes or goji berries, but I'm adding this one to my list. 

@kmaecags: Krissy is a beast in the best sense of the word. She pushes her body to the limits when working out, has a super interesting story (recovering addict to creator/owner of BAMFit) and some BA tattoos.

This workout scares me. 

Another healthy ball recipe. Try not to laugh when you read that. 
@Mealprepmondays: I'm a huge fan of prepping meals before the week begins. Make lunch and snack packing for work easy. Plus- takes the guess work out of meal planning and grocery shopping. This account always motivates me and gives me ideas on how to mix it up.

African stew? I'll try it. 

I love anything with Dijon and goat cheese. 
Here are a few recipes from my favorite people:

Jenna from Eat, Live, Run

Yum. I love Thai.

Kim from This Healthy Endeavor

I love bananas in anything. 
Amber from Girl with the Red Hair

I'm addicted to Brussels sprouts
And a few more things just because:

That one time Josh Wolf responded to my tweet:

When I 'quit' twitter for awhile and then nonstop tweeted for a whole day.

Klout is so crazy.

A little gem I found in my notes on my phone. I really do love my fiance's hometown.

Do you use the screen shot feature on your phone? Do you love instagram as much as I do?

Hope you are having a good weekend!