February Recap & Fashion Fast Update

It's the first day of spring but it sure doesn't feel like it!
We are experiencing some bitterly cold windchills here in the Midwest...nothing like the warm temps we were experiencing last year at this time.

However, we've had our daylight savings time switch and our days are getting longer so warm temperatures can't be far away!

Plus- our little indoor plants are starting to bloom!
Either way, I'm ready for bike rides, sunset dog walks and reading on the patio. 
In the meantime, here's a little update on what I was up to during the month of February.

Just to remind you, I had some general goals for the year:

- Spend time in the word and prayer more
- Stop over committing (rule of 2)
- Get simple (fashion & spending fast)
- Eat (mostly) vegan
- Give priorities priority (more family, regular volunteering, scheduled write sessions)
- Rest in the big picture

I'll be honest, I didn't even plan any specific February projects until about halfway through the month and by then I was overwhelmed, burnt out and ready for some rest.
So...instead I'm just going to focus on the GOOD that happened in February.

I've been really focused in my morning devotions. I changed up my morning routine to do my #shereadstruth before I even get out of bed. I like to read while I'm under the covers and then say my prayers out loud. I started doing that a few weeks ago after our small group started back up. My pastor likes to use this quote when talking about prayer: 
'To clasp hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world.' (Karl Barth). 

Since I gave up coffee for Lent, I think it is the best way to start the morning. Just me, the good word and Jesus. I dig it. 

My last espresso latte on Fat Tuesday
I still miss coffee. HA.
BUT- I think I've finally found a balance with the occasionally soy chai tea latte or steeped green tea when I'm craving something warm and soothing.
And speaking of giving things up...

This book is wrecking my life in a bazillion amazing ways. 
I'm really enjoying walking through the book with my church small group and connecting with other bloggers who have worked through the series. I don't think I'll ever be the same after reading this book.

I sucked at time management in February.
As I mentioned, I ended up overwhelmed, burnt out and ready for some rest in mid-February. 
So I took a couple days off work. I cooked, cleaned, met  my brand new niece and just enjoyed a break from all the craziness of working 7 days a week- sometimes 12 hours in one day. 

4 course Vday dinner created by yours truly

Baby Gwen

Evening sunset in my hood

I still have so much to learn about finding balance in my day-to-day life but lately I feel like I hit a stride. Hoping it sticks around. 

Aaaaaand....month 2 of NO SHOPPING!!!!

I'm not having any issue with this. I have been purposely avoiding catalogs and fashion emails and since we are in perpetual winter maybe that makes it easy. 

Along with stressed out and burned out- my eating habits suffered. 

My favorite local ice cream sandwich- Fat Tuesday indulgence

One of a few cupcakes I ate this month
I still meal-prepped and ate mostly healthy during the day, but at night when I had time to assess all the things I had going on, I'd get stressed. And miss coffee and want snacks. So I may have ate a lot of popcorn and cookies. 
I'm trying to turn that around this month!
I'm avoiding late night eating and keeping a food journal to help me identify those times when I feel snacky. I think staying up late leads to bad eating habits for me so working on more sleep too.

My volunteering gig is going great. I love serving people so much. 

My amazing fiance recommended a writing night and it was so therapeutic. Just what I needed!

 I had a great girls night with my running group friends- love those gals!

I even found an hour to donate blood one lunch break- feels good to give back in such an easy way!

T and I spent a Saturday afternoon with the little of my family- checking out dinosaurs and eating Zombie Burger. The kids loved it.

And of course- date nights with this guy.

Never. gets. old. 

February was a trying month. 
I struggled with my schedule and with emotions. I felt like staying in bed for days at a time. 
But I came out of it. And I'm learning. 
How to listen to my body. 
How to listen to my soul.
How to adapt to challenges.
How to not always fight the flow of life. 
How to try again.

So for March- I'm making goals:

Run 100 miles this month: I'm already over 60 miles and 2 weeks to go. I hit a BIG goal last week of 30 miles!! If you don't already- find me on dailymile.
Finish War & Peace: I'm about 500 pages in and it's getting interesting. I'm scheduling reading time and plan to make big dents in it this weekend. 
Send out wedding save the dates: almost done! Just a few that I had to gather addresses for.
Make some progress on baby Gwen's blanket: I started it but have a ways to go. I might need a little coffee shop time for reading and crocheting. 
- And of course- #restisbest

How was your February? Do you have any goals for March? Does it feel like spring yet in your city?