Five Minute Friday: Bare

Thank The Lord it's Friday.
2 days to recoup, recover and rest from the insane hustle, bustle and craziness that was this week.
And 5 minutes before bed to write your heart out.


I put it all out there.
I'm not a fan of sugar-coating, beating around the bush or skirting the issue.
What you see is want you get.

I bare it all- my heart, my soul, my dreams, my fears- laid out for all to see.


I have been there too.
In situations I didn't intend to be in or I readily chose only to regret later.
But even then- I've put my sins out there- laid out for all to see.
Words of shame and regret pulling out of my mouth.
Admissions like bare skin exposed to the hot rays of the sun.

Well 5 minutes was up before I really could wrap up a good thought here- but 'bare' is such a heavy word- so many different emotions associated with it.

What does 'bare' make you think of?

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