January Recap & Fashion Fast Update

Hi Friends.
How's February treating you so far?
I'm loving the longer days, milder temperatures and all things LOVE. <3
I'm also loving the opportunity to check in on where I'm at with sticking with my new mantra:


As I mentioned in my New Year's post, I had some more general guidelines for 2013 versus hard resolutions:

- Spend time in the word and prayer more
- Stop over committing (rule of 2)
- Get simple (fashion & spending fast)
- Eat (mostly) vegan
- Give priorities priority (more family, regular volunteering, scheduled write sessions)
- Rest in the big picture

I also had some specific goals in mind that I jotted down related to these guidelines:

- Finish 2 knitting projects
- Read a couple of books on my '30 before 30' list
- Find a volunteer gig

How did I do?
Let's recap:

I have really loved the #shereadstruth plans for January.

We started with the 'Fresh Start' plan and are now onto 'Soul Detox.' Both have encouraged me so much and as always- were right on time.
I'm trying to spend more time focusing on what I'm actually reading- taking notes and praying for clarity and guidance in understanding. It's been a good month for my soul!

I didn't finish my knitting projects.
Or my books.

BUt you know what? I didn't let those goals consume me...make me feel like I wasn't succeeding. I just read when I had time and it's been a lot more enjoyable. I finished a book I started in December and got a couple hundred pages into War and Peace.

Who cares if I don't finish that list before 30? I got plenty of life left to live and books to read!

And the fashion fast?


I tried to snap my outfit everyday so if I started feeling uninspired I could look back on how I mixed it up.
Honestly- not buying any clothes was surprisingly easy. I just avoided the fitness gear sale rack at Target- that's my weakness!

I did buy one book:

It's for a good cause though- started the study this week!
I'm excited about how this ties into what my goals are this year and I'm really looking forward to the challenge with my Influence ladies. (Get the details at Adrienne's blog).

I'm not all the way to a 'cash' only budget yet- but getting closer every week!

My eating habits have been pretty good this month. I've had to plan ahead a lot because of my work schedule- so that is making it pretty easy.
Also- I took on this challenge:


It was a free e-book through Instagram and it's been really good for my waist and wallet. I've felt energized and healthy and have managed to avoid most of the stuff going around!
The more I figure out what my body likes best, the more I realize that a plant-based diet is really the best for me. I'll eat eggs and dairy occasionally but if I do- I try to get local and organic.
There is a LOT of information out there, but in my opinion it comes down to this: Know where your food comes from and know your farmer.

Even though my work schedule has been pretty crazy with tax season gearing up and it feels like my life is a repeat of wake/run/work/eat/sleep/repeat, I've made it a priority to use my free time more effectively and for those things I care about.

So....through a series of conversations about a work charitable event, I have found a 2x monthly volunteer gig! I'll be helping serving meals at the homeless youth shelter downtown every other week and I'm really excited about the opportunity. Also, I organized a big volunteer event at my work to help feed the homeless that was so much fun and very rewarding!

This month T and I were also able to have a few date nights:

Man.... I love that guy

I also spent an afternoon at my sister's house hanging with the kids and chatting about whatever- it was really nice! I'm looking forward to doing that again this month when my weekend work schedule slows. 

I even got in a girls dinner night full of rich Russian food and shots to our health!


As far as scheduled write sessions...I've had maybe one 'official' session. The funny thing is- I wrote a LOT in January on and off the blog. I guess I've been finding time after work/before bed or in between loads of laundry to jot things down. I'm finding that if I just START, I can always finish later. 

Writers- If you haven't checked out The Write Practice yet, you should

I didn't have a specific fitness goal documented for the year or the month...

...But I have been doing some new things this year:
- Yoga once a week at Iowa Powered Yoga. I'm seriously in love. The class I go to is on Monday nights and it is the BEST end to the beginning of the week.
- I actually quit my gym...but I have been being active everyday and working up to running 25 miles/week and lifting weights 2-3 times. My one goal for 2013 is to add in some kind of speed drills and hill work into my runs. So far, so good!

I have a race coming up in 2 weeks and then races in March, April, May, June. Really, really, really considering another marathon this fall...best pre-wedding prep or worst idea ever? You tell me. 

Looking back on January- it was a really full month. Being active in body and mind really soothes my soul and I'm glad I can find balance among the tight schedule I had. 

However, there were some days where I wasn't feeling my best, and I recognized those times and did what I prescribed myself when this year started:

I took a break.
Listened to my body, mind and soul.
Maybe spent a whole afternoon on my couch. 

Because sometimes....

Your turn...How was your January? Did you meet any goals? Please feel free to share in the comments below.