Five Minute Friday: Thank You

Today is a little late edition of Five Minute Friday.
I've been enjoying my day off: did a little workout, shopping, novel writing and knitting. I love having a day off to do all the things I like to do- I'm a girl who's all about her hobbies. :)

And now for today: Thank You

It seems awfully fitting that the day after Thanksgiving FMF is 'Thank You.'
It's odd when I think of 'Thank You'- I don't think of the Thanksgiving holiday.

I think of all the times day in and day out when I say 'Thanks' to a co-worker or 'Thank You' to someone opening the door for me.

Often, I don't think I say 'Thank You' enough.
Or when I say it- it's out of habit or manners and not completely out of sincerity.

If I was saying 'Thank You' and really meaning it, I'd say:

Thank You to my parents for raising me up to be grateful for what I have and what I've worked for.
Thank You to my extended family for keeping in touch and remaining a part of my life.
Thank You to my friends for texting or calling occasionally just to say 'Hey- I've been thinking about you.'
Thank You to the men and women who serve my country everyday- you provide a freedom and safety that not many in the world have and often I don't think to recognize.
Thank You to Jesus for carrying my burden and blessing me everyday with your love.

To me, thank you is about recognition- the little and big things that make life so sweet.

What does Thank You mean to you? Do you think of Turkey Day or manners?

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