Five Minute Friday: Stay

Good Morning.
It's Friday in November, just a week before Thanksgiving! What a great time of year.
I have a busy day ahead so I'm starting my day off right:
- #shereadstruth meet up with some of my good friends
- #FMF post
- Last night's Grey's Anatomy and work email before heading to the office

So...before I can get on to the dramatics that are Grey's Anatomy (and work email...HA!) I'm going to get my write on.

Today's Word: Stay

Lisa Loeb.
That is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the word 'stay.'
For the life of me I cannot remember any lyrics to the song I used to watch on repeat on MTV, but I do know it was heart-wrenching. And held so much longing. Because isn't that the definition of 'stay'?

Think about all the ways we use this word:
'Stay here.'
'Why stay together?'
'I can't stay here anymore.'
'Please stay with me.'
'I want you to stay.'
'Won't you stay here?'

It seems in each situation we are longing for the steadfast company of another.

I'm getting married a year from now.
'Stay' sounds like a marriage word to me.
My hope is that when I do get married, we 'stay' together.
That doesn't always happen.
Neither one of us 'stayed' despite previous attempts.

But when that day comes where we declare our love for each other in front of our family and friends, my hope is that we also declare our 'stay.'
Our steadfastness.

'Let's stay together.'
'I am so glad you decided to stay.'
'Let's always stay this way.'

What feelings does the word 'stay' evoke to you? Do remember that Lisa Loeb song? Whatever happened to her anyway?
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