Sunday Seven 9-16-12

I may be 3 days behind on this post.
BUT...if you've read this blog for any period of time, you know that 'timeliness of blog posts' is not my strong suite. :)

But I digress....

1. I was looking for a dessert to make for dinner with friends on Monday and I found these. I haven't attempted them yet, but I'm thinking Sunday morning breakfast may be a lot more tastier.
Anyway- I didn't have the ingredients to bake them so I  made this instead:

Apple crisp. Nothing says fall like brown sugar (or molasses if you don't have enough brown sugar and are trying to improvise), oatmeal and apples.
Considering the random ingredients I had to make it- turned out pretty fantastic.

My veggie chili did also.

Yeah- I'm on a cooking frenzy.

2. I did my longest run to date this weekend. 22 miles.

That's right.

I said 22 MILES.

It's almost a marathon.

I looked like this when I finished.

And I felt that rough also. HA

3. I was glad to have it out of the way though. T's best friend B was in town from DC. We took him to the fattiest, most delicious restaurant for dinner on Friday, Zombie Burger!

We had jalepeno poppers, burgers, fries AND split a shake. It was madness. But also excellent carbo- loading for the big run I had the next day.
Then Saturday night, we partied. Hit up all our favorite night life spots and the boys got some quality time in- don't they look like a fashion ad?

We also had some silly time too....

I found this gem on my phone. HA.

4. I think I mentioned last week how 2 friends and I started a weekly bible study called
She Reads Truth. It's been pretty amazing. I feel closer to my friends and closer to God. I also like how my friend Emily brings me amazing baked goods to eat at 6 AM.

Yup. That's how we roll. Coffee and vanilla spice cupcakes for breakfast.

5. Last week was also the 11th Anniversary of 9/11. My friend Mandy and I were on a run in the dark (she's a teacher so we go EARLY) and talking about where we were the day it happened. And what we thought. And how strange and different the world was after.

6. On Wednesday, I participated in the United Way Read to Learn  program. It's just crazy to me that governments plan the size of their prisons on 4th grade reading levels. This program focuses on reading skills for third graders- preventing kids from getting lost in the system and becoming a statistic.
I went to a local school and did a reading activity with a 3rd grader. My 3rd grader Veronica was a great reader and had a vivacious imagination. It was a blast.

7. And....my life in pictures this week:

Cool fall mornings mean HOT coffee pre (and post!) run

The small window of weather when I can wear boots and no leggings or tights with my skirts

Current obsession. Getcha some.

My minty Saturday night. <3

Latino Hertiage Festival from across the river. My city is awesome.

B putting his mark on Des Moines

My newest, most favoritiest picture of me. Thanks T.

Mama Pea Blueberry scones. Easy and DELICIOUS

My church in it's temporary home. We are moving in 2 weeks!

More Mama Pea recipes- vegan mac and cheese with broccoli.  

Fall is heeereee.
How did you spend your second week of September?