Sunday Seven 9-10-2012

Hey there friends- how was your week?

Round here it was busy as always.

1. I started trying to get control of my schedule. Ever since I moved I feel like I haven't got my routine back on track, you know? So I made a pact with myself to get organized and get back to scheduling the things I like to do. This week I started getting up EARLY and running with friends one day a week.

Its fun to run around my city in the dark with just my reflective belt and my girls. :)

2. We also started a once-a-week devotional meet-up to read our bible and grow with God as friends. I know some people who have done this and I really like the idea of discussing what I'm reading with friends.

We started with the She Reads Truth follow along. A couple of friends started this blog to help keep each other accountable. They use You Version (and their own created) devotional plans and blog about it. We get a daily email blast with the reading and their thoughts/discussion questions on the scripture. It also has a hashtag, #shereadstruth, that can be found on Twitter and Instagram. It's connecting through technology at it's finest. :)

3. This whole schedule thing got started because I read this book. It literally has changed my life. I suggest you read it. And also, make sure you read this and this. I'm convinced that between controlling my habits, focusing on what is important and learning the best way to manage my time I can get through the 'work' of life and have more time for the fun stuff! Like blogging. :)

4. This week was the Democratic National Convention. Call me biased, but I absolutely loved all the speeches. Check them out for yourself:

Michelle Obama
Bill Clinton
President Barack Obama

Pretty powerful stuff.
I don't often get struck with political fervor, (in fact, I normally avoid news and politics like the plague) but these speeches got me fired. up.
Living together in peace and prosperity, each of us helping one another to succeed and live their best possible healthy life- these are all ideas I can get behind.

5. This week was also the Iowa vs. Iowa State game. Which, if you are from Iowa, is a pretty big deal. There is smack-talking for weeks.
Personally, I'm an Iowa fan and our boys didn't look so stellar. BUT- I had a great Saturday.
It was cool and crisp- very fallish. I enjoyed a little farmer's market, hot coffee, yoga, bike ride and sports watching.

Game day/bike riding gear

Supporting our teams!!

Required sports-watching eats: beer and chips!

6. Speaking of the farmer's market...I've been getting all my greens from Dirt Farmer Larry. The other day he posted a link to this article.  WOW- I could not agree more. My favorite part:

Agriculture must be relocalized and brought back into harmony with the natural, organic cycles of the planet. If this doesn’t happen, and soon, all the GMO seed and fertilizers in the world won’t help us survive the climate cataclysm that awaits.

I could not agree more. #eatlocal
I also found these great tips on how to eat sustainably. I like 33, 46,48.

7. Last but not least...here are a few pictures of the rest of the week:

CSA food experiment!

Coffee shop non-work 'work' time

Homemade dinner by T- just for me!!

Fantasy football draft, Orioles Game and Football. He's a multi-tasking man!

Girls bike ride to coffee date

Hair Experiment

My beautiful city!

Date night

Farmer's Market Flowers. Some day- I want a room in this color scheme...

Blurry post 11 miler. Low 50's on Sunday AM!

Post Church lunch with friends

Relaxing and chatting with friends
So...what have you been up to??