LIttle Leap Day Note

An extra day in February this year means extra time for me to blog!

As you can see...I've been a little absent from EvenMe lately. Between my 2 jobs, keeping up exercise schedule, attending networking events and my regular social events...I barely have time sleep so blogging hasn't been top priority.
Honestly, I've done a pretty craptastic job of trying to follow my resolution to 'control my schedule.'

I'm excited to be starting a new month with new goals in mind. I have LOTS to catch you up on: new networking events, a little Nebraska road trip, V Day events, hanging out with kids, my workouts and the 5 races I signed up for today.

I've been busy.

I took 2 days off work next week just to catch up on reading, magazines, DVR and butt on the couch time. :)

Expect some blog posts.

Until then, Happy Leap Day!!