Christmas in Iowa

I love Christmas.

Twinkle lights, pine smells, presents, the time of the year when the world falls in love.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

This year was extra special because this is the first year T and I were able to spend the entire Christmas together. The past two years he either just got into town on Christmas or was flying out on Christmas to see his family on the east coast.
It was a nice change to spend Christmas Eve AND Christmas together.

We laughed at this setup. Would make a hilarious Christmas card. T was going for the 'serious' look.

To do something a little different this year, I did 12 days of Christmas gifts for T.

1 Christmas Ornament
2 Movie Tickets
3 Smooching pictures
4 packs of Starbursts
5 hours of energy
6 pack of beer
7 memories
8 socks
9 cans of FRS

10 Christmas Songs
11 Chocolate bells
12 pictures of us

It was fun coming up with 12 things and I think T enjoyed getting little goodies everyday.

I had Thursday and Friday before Christmas off so I spent time baking, cooking, wrapping gifts and making little crafty munchies for Christmas with my dad's family.

It was so nice and relaxing. I even had time to get a few nice runs in the unseasonably warm weather.

On Friday night, we went to Christmas at my Dad's house.
My grandma got T some much needed kitchen items...and embarassed him a little when she had everyone watch him open. :)

The kids had fun opening their gifts.

And I finished Lucy's hat!! She looks so stinking cute in it.

I got the girls Just Dance 3 for the Wii. They had fun playing and even Lucy got in on the dancing action.

It was fun to spend time with family and see all the kids. They are getting so big!!

On Christmas Eve, T and I had plans together.
First, we got dressed up and headed out to church.

The kids sang some Christmas carols. So cute.

Then T cooked some amazing dinner and we watched a little football.

I even made a little apple crisp for dessert! It was a recipe from Martha Stewart.

After dinner, we got into our PJs and rode around to look at Christmas lights.

T got me these new J Crew PJ pants for Christmas

Don't you love his Sam Adams hat?
After lights, we came home, curled up on the couch and dozed while watching Elf.
It was the best.

Christmas morning we got up to open presents. And my camera quit working. :( But I did get a couple with my phone.

Roxy enjoyed her treats from Santa!!

T loved all his presents- especially his Ipod speaker. And I'm a horrible girlfriend because I was just excited to watch him open and didn't take any pictures. :(

T bought me all kinds of amazing stuff- including an Ipad!!

I was literally speechless.

I have been all geeked out on it this week- it's so much fun!!

After opening gifts, we got cleaned up a little and went to my sister's house for PJ Christmas Brunch!

The food was tasty and it was nice to hang out and watch Christmas movies while munching.

Lucy enjoyed hanging out in her PJs and playing with all her gifts from Santa too.
Finally in the afternoon, Lucy got a bath and got all pretty for Christmas with my bro-in-law's family.

Isn't she so stinking cute?!?!! I just want to squeeze her! and I do- quite often. :)

I also got showered because T and I were going to go out.

But then everywhere was closed so we stayed in and watched football and went to bed early.
It was perfect. :)

It was one of the best weekends with the best people.
I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life and to be able to spend all of Christmas weekend with my most favorite person.