Sunday Seven 1-1-12

Happy 2012 Friends!
I hope you all enjoyed a fun and safe New Year celebration with those important to you.
I spent the week between Christmas and New Year's wrapping up 2011 at work and prepping for 2012.

1. This article on Whole Living has great tips for having a happy and healthy 2012. I especially like 'Eat Greener' and 'Clear More Clutter.' It's amazing what green foods and simplified space can do for your body and mind.

2. It appears Matthew McConaughey is engaged. And he also shaved his head. My thoughts on the matter:

I heard he was engaged.
The shaved head is awful.

He’s dead to me now.

3. I found this blog post on creating a better financial future. I think it has some great tips, just in time for the new year. Gaining control around my finances has always been a goal for me and I think I can utilize a lot of suggestions in this article.

4. The holidays can create a lot of stress. I know around this time of year I always feel a little relieved - the holidays are over- and a little overwhelmed -it's a new year with new goals and new challenges. This article on staying grounded provides some basic rituals to keep your mind focused on the important things. For me- it was a good reminder of the things that really matter.

5. It's caucus time in Iowa. Which means all the candidates are in town this week. Mitt Romney did a little speech or something outside the HyVee by my work (yeah I don't understand the location either).

That's him with the New Jersey governor- Christie or something. As you can tell, I don't follow the caucus stuff all that much.

6. I officially ran everyday from Thanksgiving to New Years Day. I even did a little NYD Resolution run. It was stupid windy and cold. I wore a fleece and hat over this but about froze my face off.

Then I went to church in my running clothes. Just changed shirts in the car so I didn't smell TOO bad. HA!
Workouts this week:
Monday- 2.46 mi run. 20:14. For some reason, I was BOOKING and couldn't get myself to slow down. So I cut the run short before I got gassed miles from home.
Tuesday- 1.45 mi. Ran 1 8:47, walked rest. Had Roxy. Also did Kickbox at GIM
Wednesday- 4.01 mi 35:46. Resistance Training
Thursday- 1.76 mi. Ran 1 9:32. Walked the rest. I also did Kickbox...so my legs were a little spent before I even started the run.
Friday- Resistance Training. 1.76 mi. Ran 1 8:56. Walked .25, then ran .5 in 4:31.
Saturday- 6.01 miles 55:00. It was SO nice out. I was wearing this. In December. In Iowa.

And I got a little hot. It was crazy.
Sunday- Resolution Run. 2.56 mi 24:17. It was supposed to be a 5K...but I forgot to start my watch and they said it was 'close' to a 5K. Not a super organized race. But I did get T this awesome run jacket.

They were out of my size when I signed up but they still had larges!!

7. How could I not mention our New Years Eve Celebration? We went out to dinner at Johnny's Italian Steakhouse with my sister and her husband and their best friends. It was a great time. The food was amazing and the conversation was even better!!
Then we traveled back downtown to our favorite haunt- Raccoon River Brewing Company (which I affectionately refer to as 'The Coon'). They had 2 bands and champagne toast at midnight.
I had picked out an outfit that I purchased for a Vegas trip....but decided it might be a little much for downtown DesMo on NYE.

Ignore the vacuum in the background...

So I put a sweater over it and toned it down!

It was fun getting fancy and hanging out with friends.

I used T's camera all night since mine is broken (grrrr). So I had to practice self-portraits.

I think these 2 are definitely the winners.

Althougth I'm still not sure how to do the ISO setting like I could on my old camera.

How was your last week of 2011? Are you ready for a new year filled with new adventures? I know I am. :)