Sunday Seven 12/25/11

This week is actually going to be very short...I was busy hanging out with my family and friends enjoying Christmas!!

1.It was CHRISTMAS!!!! That alone warrants many of it's own posts so look for those to come.

2. This last week marked the day one year from now when the world is supposed to end, according to the Mayan Calendar. I sort of think they just got tired of doing all the math to figure out years in the future beyond their comprehension.

3. I got an Ipad. Besides spending all weekend Christmas-ing with T, it might be the best gift ever.

4.Pinterest. This is not new. I've had an account for awhile. But having a Ipad and a few days off work to browse....it's a serious addiction.

5. We have had some crazy, unusually mild weather for a winter in Iowa. I ran in capri run pants on Christmas Day. I had the window down in the afternoon when driving in the car. It sort of felt like Christmas in March.

6. I had 2 days off work which I spent baking and cooking. It was different than my normal vacation days and quite relaxing. Going back to work tomorrow is not going to be fun.

7. I completed my 'Run everyday from Thanksgiving to Christmas' Goal!!! I thought about skipping Christmas day, but now I'm sort of on a roll. I'd like to keep up this regular schedule as long as possible. Here is my workouts this week:

Monday- 4.53 mi 39:55. I averaged under 9 minute miles this entire run. I'm gaining a lot of speed.
Tuesday- 2.01 mi 17:46
Wednesday- 2.00 mi 18:40. I woke up late this day and ran downtown before rushing to work. I ended up going to Resistance Training at GIM after work though.
Thursday- 4.03 mi 35:01. I was pretty quick on this run!! It's interesting to me how much my speed is improving and also how running in cooler temps is helping as well. I was off work so I ran a little later in the morning.
Friday- Resistance Training. Run 1 mile 8:51. Walked .90 16:48. I had Roxy with me and it was REALLY cold. That 16:48 also includes stopping at the coffee shop. :)
Saturday- 6.01 mi 54:22. This is the longest run I've done since I've been back after the foot issue. It was a little rough. I had to walk up a hill in mile 5. It was windy and I just couldn't catch my breath. All in all- ended up a good time but not my best effort.
Sunday- 2.01 mi 17:15. This was a quick Christmas run in the afternoon. I had spent all morning and part of the afternoon at my sisters eating brunch then way too many sweets. Felt like a little exercise was in order!! I also walked Roxy in the morning but only about half a mile.

It was an okay workout week. I got my runs in, but no kickboxing and I skipped one day of resistance. I'm looking forward to a better week this week (except today- I didn't do diddly poo).

Total mileage: 22.51 miles

Did you have an amazing week? Enjoy Christmas? I'd love to hear about how your week was!!