Sunday Seven 12/18/11... Part Deux

I forgot to include my workouts!!
Sorry- Christmas stuffs on the brain.... :)

Monday- Resistance Training, Run 2.02 mi 18:41, negative splits
Tuesday- Kick Boxing, Run 1 mi 9:38, walk .75
Wednesday- Resistance Training, Run 4.03 mi  36:37. Somehow I did inadvertently did fartleks this run- slower mile, faster mile, slower mile, faster mile. 9:18, 8:44, 9:33, 8:48
Thursday- Run 2.01 mi 18:20 (I can't remember if I did kickboxing this day or not? I didn't write it down..smh. I actually think I probably did 20 min of yoga.)
Friday- Resistance Training, Run 1.02 mi 9:14
Saturday- Run 5.01 mi 44:07. (Once again I did NOT get up with my girls to run- I've really been enjoying lazing about Saturday mornings!! However, this was a great run because the weather was awesome. )
Sunday- Run 1.65 mi 18:30

Total mileage: 16.75 miles

I should mention that every time I run 4 or more- I've been including the Waveland Hill. For those of you who know Des Moines, it is a straight up climb up University Avenue running alongside Glendale Cemetery across the street from Waveland Golf Course. It's getting to the point where I'm not completely winded at the top which is nice. This also means I run the trail that cuts through the cemetery behind Franklin Library.
I love it.
Something about the peaceful quietness of that space. I'll have to take a picture next time the sun is rising over the hills and post it. :)

Tell me about your workouts this week. Did you tackle any big hills or reach any goals you set for yourself?