Sunday Seven 12/18/11

Well this post is a little late.
For 2 reasons:

1. It's Christmastime and things are a little hectic.
2. I was busy boozing it up with my family Sunday afternoon and recovering Monday so no time to blog. :)

But without further ado...this is what's on my radar this week:

1. Spending holiday time with family

2. On the internets:

3.Vvegan/Vegetarian/Meat updates. So I've still been not eating meat. Not so good on the dairy since I've had cheesy potatoes and many Christmas sweets. However, I can definitely tell the difference putting those foods in my belly does.
I did have a slip up. At our family Christmas I was getting T a little plate of snacks and grabbed some pickle roll-ups and had one half in my mouth before it registered to me it was wrapped in corn beef. THEN, I realized that about a half hour before that I ate one. Didn't even realize. I cursed a little. Sort of upset that I went this long without meat and then screwed it up for something that is not even worth it! Ugh!! But I'm back on the wagon. I'm thinking going fully vegan (like not slipping up) for all of 2012....I know, seems a bit aggressive. Plant based just makes me feel so good!! And keeps my pooch to a minimum. :)

4. Have you ever heard of fredflare.com? I love it. Check out these awesome earrings.  I might have to order some for me.

5. I only had to work 3 days this week!! It's been nice to be home and getting my wrapping, last minute shopping and cooking done. Also this week I got to deliver presents and food baskets to the families we adopted from the South Union Elementary school. We even got to meet one of the recipients of the gifts. It was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had. THAT is what the holidays are all about.

6. I was reading this article in Women's Health and they mentioned this place that recycles old makeup!! I'm going to have to check that out. I never use all  of mine before it's time to toss it.

7. This last week was Human Rights Week.  Senator Hilary Clinton gave an amazing speech addressing human rights in regard to GLBT as well. I think we should all remember gay rights are also human rights.

Other than that....I'm just excited for Christmas!! We have family stuff tonight, Church/dinner/lights tomorrow and brunch on Sunday! No work Monday!! Great time to celebrate the wonderful gift of Christmas with family and friends!!