Sunday Seven 9-18-11

1. Trader Joe's I'm a little obsessed with this place. Since going full-on vegan, I'm loving all the different options they have plus the sheer amount of cheap produce. Guess how much all these groceries (all organic) cost?

$62. Now, I love shopping local and do when I can but if I bought all these groceries at Gateway Market it would have been closer to $100. Not joking.

2. Vegan Week 3. I can't believe I've held out this long. I was surrounded by so much delicious MEAT and CHEESE this weekend but I abstained. I did have one peanut butter and chocolate chunk cookie and it was really good. Worth the 1/16 of an egg in it.
However I have to say that avoiding meat and cheese has really helped me to avoid: late night pizza snacks, eating out of boredom and overeating in general. I think I'm going to stick with this for awhile. See how it works when I start running again.

3. Surprises. My friend Mandy turns 30 this month. Friday, her husband threw a surprise party for her with live music!! It was amazing. She was super surprised and in her words 'had never felt so loved.' Happy Birthday Mandy!!

4. Friends. Besides the fun time I had Friday night celebrating a birthday, T's best friend was in town from DC and we got to hang out. My friend Rachel came out with us and we had fun just sitting around shooting the breeze.

I'm pretty sure this is an in depth conversation on leg wrestling.

And we're not sure who this lady is but she was standing VERY close to T. Personal bubble lady, really.

5. Volunteering. Thursday morning I went to Monroe Elementary to read to a 3rd grader. We read Once I Ate a Pie. The young girl I hung out with, Arlana, pretty much read to me!! :) Did you know that the number of prison beds for a facility is determined by 4th grade reading levels?? I found that really disturbing. I'm hoping that the little bit that I did helped change that statistic just a little.

6. House Project. I took Thursday afternoon off to work on a laminate floor. It was in that 5 hours of sweating, dust and f-bombs that I determined I'm no good at house projects and called my dad. He finished it Saturday. :)

7. Books. I'm reading this book right now that is so good I might actually write a book report on it. No joke.

What have you been up to this week?