Sunday Seven 8-7-11

1. What do you think about those fake nuts that hang from people's bumpers? Do you think asking people to remove a car attachment that may be considered obscene is a violation of free speech? I'll be curious to see how this case turns out. Personally, I don't know if those fake nuts are obscene or just a sign of being white trash...and there's not really a law against being white trash is there? LOL

2. White Nectarines. These were $0.99 a pound last week at Gateway Market. I'm addicted. Super sweet and juicy.

3. What do you think about women's running apparel? This article in the August issue of Runner's World talked how active wear for women has gotten feminine, fun and fashionable. Personally, I own a couple of running skirts that I wear to bike ride, but I would love to own more!

4. As you all probably know...I don't follow news or politics much. However, I've been sort of interested in President Obama's announcement about the debt ceiling. What do you think about his opinion that the wealthiest Americans should pay more in taxes? This spurred a lively debate between T and I. I think if you make more, you should pay more. Spread the wealth. T thinks if you make more, you already ARE paying more. And those people worked hard for their money....The debate continues. :)

5. Go see this movie.


The story is great- there is comedy, romance, drama and it's realistic.
Even if it's your not kind of movie...you can't argue with the hotness that is Ryan Gosling.


6. The entire July issue of Runner's World magazine was focused on Outrunning Cancer.

Did you know that American runners raise more than $650 million (yes I said MILLION) a year for cancer research?
There were some great articles about Relay for Life and other training groups as well as inspirational stories about survivors.
Check it out online.

7. I had the perfect weekend. Hung out with friends Friday, slept in a little Saturday then had lunch and hit the movies with my mom and sister. Relaxing evening with T. Coffee and Church on Sunday morning (if you follow my tweets you're probably already up to date on all this). Then I met a friend for lunch, blogged in the afternoon, watched Harry Potter with T and capped the night off with some local live music and a couple of beers. Couldn't have asked for a better time.

What things interested you most this weekend? How was your weekend?