Des Moines Art Festival 2011

The Des Moines Art Festival ran Thursday through Sunday this year.
We went down Friday night to meet friends and watch a band from the 80's called the Smithereens.

We met up with our friends on the library lawn and spectated a lively game of duck-duck-goose.

 First the rules were discussed....


The kids had a great time running all over and stomping through the water features at the library.

T and I wandered over to the beer stand to check out our libation choices.

CABCO also provided two special brew for the event but I chose a Corona instead. I didn't realize it came in a can...

'This tastes like dog piss in a can' - T

We then sauntered over to the Pappajohn Center lawn to watch the Smithereens. They had a lot of sound problems, but we enjoyed the dance floor moves by these fellas...

It was impossible to miss this long-haired gentleman's arm flailing.

Or this man's impeccable air guitar...complete with cool shades and occasional hair flop.

Trust me- I wasn't the only person taking pictures.

We found our friend Chad and popped over into Americana for a drink and to catch up!

Yeah....we're nerds like that.

Most of the artists don't allow you to take pictures of the art, but this sculptor didn't seem to mind

This whirly gig was crazy tall

And the price tag was crazy big!!

We went back Saturday afternoon to check out each booth. There was a great variety of vendors and some really amazing art. We found one artist we really liked and are planning to buy some of his stuff in the future.
There really is a little bit of something for everyone!

Did you attend the Des Moines Art Festival?

What did you think about the art selection?
 I thought there was a great variety of art- different mediums such as ink or oils or photography as well as different genres- landscapes, whimsy, portrait, modern, etc.

Did you think the art was priced appropriately?
I thought there were a few student artists that seemed overpriced to me, but I'm no art critic! There was definitely plenty of affordable art for someone like me!