Sunday Seven 6-26-11

1. I found this post really interesting. For someone who lives constantly entrapped by lists, goals and accomplishments... I'm tempted to try this. What do you think?

2. Funniest.Blog.Ever. Seriously I was snorting out loud.

3. Watch this video and read some of this blog. So cute it hurts.

4.  Have you ever heard of the show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding*?


Yes- gypsies exist.
Yes- the wear ridiculously huge dresses.
Yes- you can't stop watching.

*(Don't judge, okay? I was sick and educational TV options are limited!)

5. Jack's Mannequin. They were awesome in concert. Andrew McMahon is the coolest. He came down in the crowd multiple times to just hang out while he sang. Plus he pound the ivories something fierce.

6. This Forecast. After what seems like eons of rain and overcast days- finally some sunshine!! But we'll see... I don't always trust the weatherman.

fronts n trends


7. Des Moines Art Festival. We went down Friday night to watch this horrible band from the 80's and enjoy some time with friends. The weather was perfect!!