Sunday Seven X2

I've been a little absent from EvenMe.
Sometimes, balancing life means that blogging takes a back burner.

But I'm back with some of my favorite things over the past two weeks.

1. This article on going organic.
Crazy stat: '...after 30 years of being a passionate movement, organics are still only 2.5 percent of the food supply.' Seems like it should be more, right?
Conclusion? Eat local and organic as much as possible. Talk to the farmer. Visit the farmer. Know where your food comes from!! Supporting local agriculture helps your community and keeps you healthy!
If you can’t buy local, follow these guidelines on what you should buy organic:
My friend printed this out and laminated it for me to carry in my wallet.

2. How is technology affecting your brain? This article was very eye opening to me. Another mini goal- spend 2-3 hours a day where I’m ‘shut off’ and awake!

3. Friends. For being there for you when you’re making bad choices, telling you if you hurt their feelings and when you’re being a jerk, loving you anyways. Sadly enough, there were 3 incidents in the past 2 weeks where I either realized I was a complete ass, made amends and was forgiven, or where someone had to point out I was being an ass. Either way, lessons learned, hearts mended, relationships strengthened.

4. Adele


I just listened to her most recent album, 21, this week. Ah-mazing. 'Someone Like You' breaks my heart yet I cannot stop listening!!

4. Jane Eyre. I know this made the list before. But I finally finished it!! I loved this book so much. It's a heart-wrenching love story and so beautifully written:

'All my heart is yours, sir; it belongs to you; and with you it would remain, were fate to exile the rest of me from your presence forever.' (p. 517)

Sigh. Love it.

5. Urban Outfitters. O. M. G. How do we not have one of these in Des Moines? Or Iowa for that matter? We were in KCMO this weekend and I fell in love. I'm saving my pennies for this cardigan.

6. The 4th of July!! I spent a lot of time with friends and family enjoying sunshine, food and laughs. It was a great weekend to celebrate this amazing country we live in.

7. Road Trips. T and I just got from KCMO today. There's nothing like cruising down the road. Hands on the wheel. Tunes blasting. 

 Your favorite person at your side. <3.

P.S. This is my 30th post!!! :)