Getting Fresh....with Frittata

Earlier this week, I wanted to create another recipe using all the fresh ingredients I got at the Farmer's Market.
I had read about an Asparagus/Mushroom Bread Pudding in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I also ran into this recipe on Iowa Girl Eats.
So I decided to make up my own little version of these casseroles.
And I'm calling it a Frittata.

Technically a frittata should contain cheese....but mine doesn't. I just like the name Fritttta.
It's a fresh frittata made from farm fresh eggs, fresh asparagus and fresh fungi from the farmer's market. Can I get any more words beginning with 'f'? WT....heck? :)

 I used 2 whole eggs and three egg whites. About 3/4 cup of milk. I also chopped up some fresh garlic bulbs. Also a generous amount of ground black pepper. Who doesn't love pepper?

To this mix, I added my veggies.

I also included part of about 8 oz of a chicken breast I had cooked the other night.


  I gave it all a good stir and poured into a large skillet (sprayed with olive oil) to cook.
I put a lid over the top and cooked it at a medium low heat so it would cook evenly and thoroughly.
The finished product turned out looking quite tasty!!
I served my slice atop fresh spinach sided with a pear topped with melted cheese.

Turned out to be a pretty fantastic dinner!

Fresh Frittata

2 whole eggs
3 egg whites
3/4 cup milk

Whisk eggs, garlic and pepper together. Add veggies and chicken. Mix well.
Pour into a skillet, sprinkle with a little parsley. Cook over medium low heat until firm.
Serve atop fresh spinach greens.