Sunday Seven

Each Sunday, I'm going to post 7 things I'm into this week. Just to keep you in the loop on what's going on in NicMarie land. plus I love a good list!!

7 things that have me hooked this week:

1. My blog changes. It's a little more 'me.' Even Me is a work in progress so the design will probably change as my mood does....

2. The modernized version of 'How Great Thou Art' we did at church this morning. Loved it.
3. The lazy Saturday night and Sunday afternoon Roxy and I had. I finally watched Inception. You are welcome Netflix for paying $30 for one movie.
Isn't Roxy a lazy puppy?
4. The randomly strange burst of creativity I had Friday night that inspired two poems. I haven't written like that since high school.

5. Music. David Gray and Greg Laswell have been circling my Ipod this week. I love a well-written song. We also saw the Foo Fighters in Council Bluffs on Monday. So awesome!! Also, check out these from my friend, Chris Kretzu. Amazing.

6. Babies. I had the chance to hang out with a good friend and her 8 month-old daughter this week. I also got to visit my 6 month-old niece. Who couldn't love this face?
7. Things working in mysterious ways. I watched Oprah's final episode. She mentioned 'finding your calling' and 'getting to the business of doing' whatever it is you are supposed to do. We also talked about work today at church- how our work affects our lives, happiness and being a Christian. I also saw an old friend at Market Day who quit her corporate job to follow her dream (check out the vinyl record bowls I got from her- pic belo.! You can purchase her awesome stuff on etsy here). Could God be speaking to me any louder? More to come on that...

Here's to a wonderful Memorial weekend!

What things caught your eye this week? What are you into?