Linkage Love

A list of blogs I've stumbled upon this week that I might be a little in love with....linked all the way back to the very first blog I read.

I found this one under the Blogger Buzz. I like Tammy's fun and quirky posts. And her 1300 things lists. Which led to...

I've looked through approximately 5 posts and I'm already smitten. Fun, happy, unique and she lives in San Fran! (jealous)

This blog is so, so lovely. Aura's pictures make me feel nostalgic and a little achy in my heart. I adore how sweet, simple and in love her life is.

I watched Food, Inc.. yesterday and it rocked my world. This inspires me to action. However small it may be.

This one is fairly new to me, I immediately fell in love with the pictures.

A daily favorite. I love Heather's recipes and food experiments. I found Aura Joon and Roost through her blog.

Read Andrea's 3 part series: On Saying it All Aloud and What I miss from 135 lbs ago. Her writing crawls right up inside me and warms my soul. Write a book, Andrea.

Teri is fantastic. I envy the coolness of her site and I love how she oozes with personality! She has a page just for her 'puppa'. If Roxy knew- she'd be jealous.

Another daily favorite. Monica lives in SoCal and writes about all her ups and downs with food and running. It's real and she has funny cartoons

First blog I read of someone I didn't know. It's insightful and inspirational and exactly what I was looking for at the time. Reading the comments led to other blogs....
Which led to me wanting to write a blog....
Which led to Even Me.

Thanks, Internet.